Since filming began for season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’ the cast and crew have been vigilant in keeping information from leaking.

However, it’s impossible to keep everything hidden, which is how we’ve learned some new details about the upcoming season.

First and foremost,it looks like the big question on everyone’s mind : where is Beth(Emily Kinney)? will be answered.

Fans will be excited to learn that the mysterious car that Beth was thrown into towards the end of season 4 was spotted on set a few days ago!!

Although we don’t know why the car is there the fact that it is means her disappearance will be addressed.

There are 2 theories to her kidnapping: some believe the people of Terminus, who appear to be cannibals, took her and made her into “dinner”.

The other theory is that the cross on the back of the car means she was taken by Father Gabriel, a character from the  comics who is believed to be the true identity of new cast member Seth Gilliam.

We have also learned, thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans, that gunshots were heard during filming of scenes taking place near the old hospital in Newman.

How all of this will tie together is unclear, but producer Jolly Dale said in a  recent interview that this upcoming season will be bigger than ever and hinted that fans of the comics should have a good idea of what will happen next.

She also indicated that some more characters may die to make room for new story lines, which has fans worried that some of their favorites may not survive.

Whatever happens it is sure to be captivating television.

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‘The Walking Dead’ returns for it’s 5th season this October on AMC.

What do you think happened to Beth?  Tell us your predictions for the upcoming season below.