‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Midseason Finale: Showdowns & Crazy Plans

The Walking Dead Season 6 Midseason Finale, “Start to Finish,” wasted no time cranking up the tension as the walls of the Alexandria Safe Zone came tumbling down. The episode brought viewers familiar showdowns and crazy plans. Instead of bringing the Alexandria arc to a clean conclusion, though, the midseason finale ended with a high anxiety cliffhanger.

Despite the danger of the herd, there were several signs of hope. Maggie scaling her way up a ladder to safety, lying supine as green balloons float overhead is reminiscent of Glenn alone and surrounded by walkers in the prison after the Governor’s attack. This season proved no one cheats death like Glenn… here is to hoping that some of his luck transferred to Maggie and their unborn child.

Glenn and Enid forged a plan from outside the gates to help their friends and family trapped inside Alexandria. Glenn seems to realize the risk, but knows he will lose Maggie either way—it’s better for him if he tries. Is it wrong, though, of Glenn to urge Enid to risk everything when the odds seem so slim?

Towards the end of the midseason finale, Glenn and Enid peer over the gate and see Maggie sprawled on the elevated platform, surrounded by walkers. How will Glenn draw the walkers away from her?

Sam, locked in his room, listens to Nick Lucas’, “Tiptoe through the Tulips,” (a cheerful tune strangely juxtaposed in a terrifying time) and most of the Alexandrians managed to shut themselves into their houses. Sam is a bit like Eugene- his hysteria is a liability.

Lucky for Eugene, Tara has his back, but does Jesse have what it takes to keep Sam calm and the group out of danger? So far, Jesse advises her boy to pretend that he’s someone strong, but will her fake it to make it tactic falter at the most inopportune time?

Slivers of hope continued as Tara argued that Alexandria will endure so long as everyone is willing to fight for it.  Is she right? Is there any way to salvage Alexandria, or is it time to move?

Deanna, on her deathbed, still had hope for the future- Michonne’s future, especially. Just as Rick believed he can save everyone, Morgan believed he can save the W-man and squares off with Carol. Both men are full of hope.

Things don’t work out the way Morgan planned. During his struggle with Carol, they both are knocked out and the W- man gets his knife. The villain, confronted by Tara and Rosita, held Denise at gunpoint and made his way out of the house.

If Denise dies, who is at fault- Morgan or Carol? How will this clash of The Walking Dead titans alter the dynamics…will the two be able to forgive each other? Will Morgan stay with Rick’s group? What’s more, does Morgan’s failure foreshadow Rick’s failure?

Circumstances intensified when walkers make their way into Rick’s hideout thanks to Ron, who compromised everyone’s safety when he attacked Carl. Thanks to Ron’s petty jealousy, they are forced to gut walkers and wear them, baby Judith included, so they can make a go at getting to the armory. Not everyone is up for the gruesome challenge.

The group made its way down the stairs and out into the hungry herd. Hand in hand, they moved slowly, silently to the armory when Sam begins to panic and cry out for his mom. Will Jesse quiet Sam before it’s too late? Even if she does manage to hush him, is the damage already done? Was it foolish for the group to think that Sam could pull off this plan in the first place? Will the entire group survive Rick’s plan?

Ron is already full of rage and resentment; those feelings will worsen if Jesse and/or Sam die because of Rick’s desperate plan… that is if he survives. During Carl’s struggle with Ron, he disarmed Ron to protect himself—it seemed, for a moment, that AMC Carl was doomed to suffer the same injury as his comic counterpart.

Luckily Carl handled Ron, but now Ron has no fire arms to defend himself if Rick’s plan falters. Is it possible that if and when the plan falters and gunfire ensues, Ron, instead of Carl, will be shot in the eye?

The prologue for The Walking Dead Season 6, Part 2 offered no answers. All it does is show Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham will not be the cavalry Rick and the others need…the splintered groups are on their own. Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham square off with Negan’s men, who make it clear the post-apocalyptic world is his. How long will it be until Negan appears on the scene? Will all three of Rick’s compadres survive this first roadside encounter?

Hopefully The Walking Dead answers all of our questions come February when Season 6, Part 2 begins. What did you think of tonight’s midseason finale? Do you have a favorite scene or conflict? You can share your questions, excitement, and insight in the comment section. The CP team would love to know what’s on your mind!

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