‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Finale Delivers Action & Closure

The Walking Dead Season 7 finale, unlike the Season 7 midseason finale, serves up more than action and shocking moments- it delivers a rare Walking Dead treat, closure.


Just as the series began with one person, Glenn, making a decision that altered Rick’s fate, so too does Season 7 conclude. Sasha makes the ultimate sacrifice, allowing Alexandria a chance to fight Negan. And just as the group blossomed thanks to Glenn reaching out to Rick, who was trapped in a tank all those years ago, the front against Negan grew thanks to Sasha.

Negan preys on Rick’s loyalty and attempts to thwart rebellion, using Sasha as leverage. She agrees to travel to Alexandria with Negan and the Saviors via coffin. Sasha also agrees to Negan’s terms: one Alexandrian must die. The irony of her statement and mode of travel is evident when she emerges from the coffin a walker.

As the episode concludes, Negan suspects foul play, questioning Eugene on Sasha’s death. Will Eugene lose favor with Negan? And will Negan’s scrutiny drive Eugene to rebellion? Before she climbs into her coffin, Sasha tells Eugene that he can change and be strong. Will Eugene find inspiration in Sasha or will her death reaffirm for him that alignment with Negan is the only means of survival?

Even if Eugene does move against Negan, chances are he won’t be welcome back to Alexandria. As Negan and the Saviors reach the gates of Alexandria to deliver punishment, Eugene does his best to get Rick to stand down. After Eugene identifies as Negan, Rick greenlights his death. Lucky for Eugene, The Scavengers ruined Rosita’s bomb. Rick’s decision may have pushed Eugene deeper into Negan’s Sanctuary.

Sasha’s sacrifice was matched only Shiva’s entrance. Walker Sasha created a disturbance that gave Rick and the Alexandrians the opportunity to recoup after the Scavenger’s stunning betrayal, but the odds were not in Rick’s favor. That is until Shiva saves the day, leaping in at the moment Negan is poised to slaughter Carl.

Shiva, however, isn’t the only beast in the ominous scene. Rick showed some teeth, too, when he leans into Negan to renew his promise- he will kill Negan. It’s just a matter of time.

Just as the Kingdom storms Alexandria, Maggie and the Hilltop reinforcements join the battle. The war, fans, is afoot! And it’s off to a dramatic start.

Ezekiel’s proclamation that Alexandria will not fall today accompanied by a victorious score was a touch melodramatic. Sasha and Hershel’s parallel sacrifices are highlighted with a focus on Hershel’s pocket watch. Hershel dies at the hands of the Governor before Rick goes to battle with the villain. That didn’t work out well for the Governor. The parallel foreshadows imminent victory over Negan.

The sweeping montage set to melancholic music and Maggie’s monolog about fate was a touch mawkish. Witnessing Maggie kill walker-Sasha and natural attention to Hershel’s pocket watch would deliver more subtle, moving nostalgia. There’s no need to narrate the group’s fate and unity when we can see it unfold in battle.

Still, watching the group move as a unit against Negan delivers that heck yeah-fist in the air vibe. The Walking Dead Season 7 finale doesn’t leave fans guessing much. The only question is will Jadis and the Scavengers pay for their betrayal? The sooner the better. I’ve had enough of their inexplicable monosyllabic speech patterns.

Did the Season 7 finale satisfy you? You can leave your insights, predictions, and questions in the comment section. And don’t forget to check out the codewords for the Play Dead sweepstakes by clicking here.

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