The first four seasons of The Walking Dead are now on sale at Target Ticket.

Target Ticket is a fairly new online streaming service from Target. It’s not a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu. Instead, users can buy or rent TV shows and movies individually.

Right now, they have The Walking Dead seasons available for purchase at 40% off their regular prices.

That makes the first season of The Walking Dead just $6 to buy.

Season 2 is available for $13, season 3 is on sale for $15, and season 4 is on sale for $17.

Purchasing all four seasons through Target Ticket during the sale would cost $51. That compares to a whopping $133.96 to buy all four seasons in HD on Amazon Instant Video. $136.96 over on iTunes.

Target Ticket does not indicate how long the sale will last.

Of course, the first three seasons of The Walking Dead are also available on Netflix… and Netflix currently offers a free one-month trial to new subscribers.

There’s no word yet on when season 4 will hit Netflix, but in the past, the previous season has been released on Netflix about a week or two before the new season premieres. Season 5 is set premiere in October, 2014, according to AMC. They have not said exactly when in October.

We’ll also be looking for juicy (ugh!) new Walking Dead webisodes to appear on AMC’s website a few weeks before the season 5 premiere as well.

Of course, we also expect a Walking Dead marathon on AMC in the days or weeks leading up to season 5.

Already dying for the online webisodes and season 5?

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