The Walking Dead: The Suicide King | Ultimate Fan Contest Details

The Walking Dead: The Suicide King | Ultimate Fan Contest Details

The Walking Dead is back!

The harrowing first half of season 3 ended two months ago.

To us fans, it feels like forever!

Season 3, so far, has been busy. From finding the prison, to Hershel’s leg being amputated after a bite. To Lori’s death during childbirth, Rick’s trip to crazy (and he still may be there).  Glenn and Maggie’s kidnapping and rescue, all that crazy stuff with the Governor, Penny, and Woodbury. The new arrivals at the prison. Michonne.

So the question going into tonight’s episode, The Suicide King, is… is there any way the show can keep up the fevered pace of the first half of season 3?

Oh, it certainly looks like it!

The first half of The Walking Dead season three ended with brothers Merle and Daryl in a circle of death, surrounded by the good people of Woodbury, all screaming “Kill them! Kill Them!”.

The Governor proposes a brother vs brother battle to the death. When all looks lost, Rick and the gang come to the rescue, scattering the crowd, creating mayhem, and helping the brothers escape. But a war between our heroes and the Governor has begun.

Of course, Merle escaping with the group causes issues. He runs his mouth to the point that Rick eventually comes up behind him and knocks him out. Rick will not let Merle join the group, and he and Daryl take off on their own.

But things are bad in Woodbury as well. The townspeople are rioting and at each others throats, Walkers even get into the compound, biting one (which the Governor promptly shoots). The Governor looks like he is checking out, doesn’t care, but Andrea steps up and rallies the crowd.

And the newcomers are splitting too, some want to try to take the prison from our group.

Glenn and Maggie are having issues too.

Rick tells the newcomers they can’t stay. but while Hershel is attempting to change his mind, Rick sees Lori’s ghost and loses it.

That’s it until next week.

No sweepstakes code words this time. There’s a new contest. The Walking Dead Always One Of A Kind Fan contest (co-sponsored by AMC and Dr. Pepper).

According to AMC, it works like this. Fans can go to The Walking Dead’s Facebook page and tell Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman why they deserve the title of the Ultimate Fan. The winner will be announced during The Walking Dead season 3 finale. That’s about all the instructions they provided during the show, but more is available on the Facebook page.

Update – I see they are calling it ‘The Walking Dead Always One Of A Kind’ contest on the Facebook page. It is co-sponsored by AMC and Dr Pepper. Appears that they require video submissions.

AMC also announced that they will be reshowing the pilot episode in black and white at 6:30pm ET, and the premiere episode of season 2 in black and white at 8pm ET, this Thursday. The hour and a half time slot suggest their may be some extra content as well.

AMC will release a video preview of next week’s episode, “Home” (ah – sounds nice, eh? We’ll see) at 10:30 ET.  It will be available on AMC’s website.

AMC ran The Walking Dead marathons this weekend and last. But if you missed them, seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix. All previous episodes are available on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

What did you think of tonight’s The Walking Dead, The Suicide King?

Add your comments below!

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