The Walking Dead S4 webisodes premiere Oct 1AMC will be releasing new The Walking Dead webisodes on October 1.

The new webisodes are premiering about two weeks before the premiere of The Walking Dead, season 4, on October 13th.

According to AMC, the webisodes will be available though their YouTube channel.

There will be three videos in all. Yep – just three!

However, AMC says they are each 7 to 10 minutes long – that’s two to three times the length of many of the previous seasons’ individual Walking Dead webisodes.

Based on AMC’s description of the new webisodes, the story will take place soon after the zombie apocalypse began. It involves a couple searching for help as one of them slowly bleeds out from an injury. They find the hospital that has not been overrun… but the doctor they seek help from has secrets…

The new webisodes will star Wyatt Russell (Cowboys and Aliens), Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism), and Ellen Greene (Little Shop of Horrors), who plays the doctor.

AMC calls these videos “the most ambitious The Walking Dead webisode series yet.”

The series is called The Oath.

The two previous webisode series, Torn Apart, and Cold Storage, each had tie-ins to the original series.

In Torn Part we got the back story of Hannah, the Bicycle Girl, who was put down by Rick in the premiere episode of The Walking Dead.

In Cold Storage the story took place in a u-store building in which Rick had a storage unit. The main character of the series, Chase, goes through the unit, looking at pictures of Rick’s family and taking one of Rick’s shirts.

We’ll be looking for similar tie-ins in The Oath.

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