steven yeunAs fans move into their second week of The Walking Dead withdrawal, they can get a fix of Steven Yeun (Glenn) in the newly released I Origins official movie trailer.

Yeun appears at the 56 minute mark in what looks to be one of the film’s few moments of levity. Yeun attended this year’s Sundance Film Festival  and shared insight about his character, Kenny, with ILiveFilm.

He plays the best friend of main character, Ian Gray (Michael Pitt). Yeun describes his character as rambunctious and outgoing. This is probably a refreshing change of pace from the heavy hearted, yet hopeful and determined role he played through season four of The Walking Dead.

Steven also happily revealed that his character “pops into Ian’s life as we see the whole story that unfolds.” Hopefully popping into the scene does not mean he will be on screen for a short time.

The beauty of Mike Cahill’s (Another Earth) script drew Yeun to the project. I Origins follows a young molecular biologist, Ian Gray (Michael Pitt), who searches for the origins of life. He studies iris patterns which leads him to “the eyes that changed the world.” According to Steven, the film realistically uses science fiction to show the incredible possibilities of technology.

The Walking Dead fans who can’t wait until October for new Yeun footage can catch his big screen debut when I Origins opens in theaters July 18, 2014.

You can watch the I Origins official trailer by clicking here. Are you excited to see Steven Yeun branch out from The Walking Dead? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.