There You’ll Find Me, By Jenny B. Jones – Review

There You’ll Find Me, By Jenny B. Jones – Review

There You’ll Find Me is a young adult novel by four-time Carol Award winner by Jenny B. Jones.

Finley Sinclair, a witty, tough, and driven eighteen-year-old girl, has lost her balance with older brother Will’s death.

She plays violin and needed to compose an audition piece for her upcoming interview at the Manhattan music conservatory. However, Finley finds out she has lost her creativity, and she agrees to enter an exchange program in Ireland, to follow Will’s travel journal with the hopes of finding answers, and her, inspiration again.

Beckett Rush is an Irish teen star of vampire flicks and what you might call a Hollywood bad boy. He has a notorious reputation and issues with his family and everything that goes on around him.

He meets Finley on a flight to Ireland to film his latest movie. She seems to be immune to his good looks and charm.  Intrigued by this, Beckett convinces Finley to be his assistant, in exchange for being her tour guide. And as you can imagine, after that, nothing goes as planned.

There You’ll Find Me is not just another young adult chick-lit (not that it would be bad, even if it was), it is a very emotional story knitted with loss and grief. Meeting “The Boy” wasn’t enough to let Finley go, which makes the main character very realistic. Her flaws and slow breakdown with all the pressure around her; the upcoming audition, the relentless Hollywood Bad Boy, the new school and new friends, makes the main character easy to relate with. The wisely chosen first point of view makes Finley’s story almost touchable.

Beckett and other side characters are as well presented. The interaction between them shows the writer’s great sense of humor, and ability to balance, the effects of heavier issues  on the reader.

Religion and finding faith are two strong themes in There You’ll Find Me. But powerful writing, vividly drawn characters and settings, generous amount of snarkiness, and the sweet story keeps it far from being overbearing.

Even if you are not a young adult it is easy to be adsorbed into this thoughtful and well-told story. It can make you cry, and it can make you laugh, just like life itself.

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