Thor To Become A Woman (No, It’s Not What You Think!)

Marvel has announced a gender change for one of their most well-known superheroes, Thor.

Thor will now be portrayed as a female character.

Marvel expressed their desire for readers to understand that this new Thor is not “Lady Thor” or any other variant of the character, but solely Thor.

“This is different because for reasons we can’t disclose quite yet, Thor is unable to pick up the hammer…But one of the women in Thor’s life picks up the hammer. She is in fact worthy. And she becomes Thor,” said Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, Alex Alonso.

While this is the first female Thor in the Marvel universe, other female Thors have been portrayed in alternate universes. The X-Men character, Storm, was also deemed worthy and once picked up the hammer Mjölnir.

Mr. Alonso also explained that the male character of Thor known throughout the years will not disappear despite this change, and he is still going to be a character.

Readers have taken to twitter to express their opinions. While some are worried about the change, most of the feedback is positive.

Details about the upcoming comic book issues are being kept quiet for the time being, and whether or not the Marvel movie franchise will adopt this change is dependent on Marvel Studios. In the previous three installments, Thor has been played by Chris Hemsworth.

What do you think of the switch in character for Marvel’s Thor?

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