As if the 90’s will never go out of style, an unknown source reported that Amazon Studios is in early stages of reviving a long lost franchise.

Based on the Saturday morning cartoon of the same name, “The Tick” was made into a weekly, live action prime time show. It starred Patrick Warburton, David Burke, and Liz Vassey.

Just as Pixar’s “The Incredibles” took a cue from this and other franchises, the story revolves around the titular character. He, along with other costumed vigilantes protect The City from likewise costumed villains.

Although the show was cancelled after nine episodes, critics praised it for its clever writing and smart use of special effects. The show also attracted big names like Christopher Lloyd and Ron Perlman.

Warburton is said to reprise this lesser known role. Ben Edlund, the original writer and illustrator for the comic, is also expected to continue writing duties.

Being through Amazon Studios, this would likely be part of their original lineup through their digital streaming service. No word yet on a tentative release date.

Who’s excited that The Tick is being given another chance to shine? Who remembers his famous call sign? As always, let us know, in the comments below.