In the just released Tigerman, Nick Harkaway explores the boundaries of a superhero novel.

The story follows Lester Ferris, who is a soldier that was just sent to Mancreu, an island that has been over-polluted and has become toxic. This leads to authorities sending Lester to Mancreu in order to destroy it.

In the legal process, a gang of lawless ships circle the island, resulting in a local bar owner getting shot. Lester takes on the alias “Tigerman” to solve the case at the urging of his superhero-obsessed friend Robin.

The main mystery is the identity of Bad Jack, the criminal with connections to the murdered bar owner. Several possibilities are developed for his identity, and Harkaway keeps the audience guessing as to who it really is.

Through Lester’s story, the author examines the connection between individuals and their government, and the dynamics of power. His tale opens up greater meaning not just applicable to those trying to be superheroes.

Harkaway’s Tigerman is a creative novel with an exciting plot and a complex structure.

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