Tim Davlin, Springfield IL Mayor, Found Dead

Tim Davlin, Springfield IL mayor, was found dead in his home Tuesday after failing to appear for a court hearing.

According to Police Chief Robert Williams, officers arrived at Davlin’s home a little before 9 am Tuesday. They had responded to a 911 call when they located the 53 year old mayor’s body.

At this time the Illinois State Police have taken over the investigation. However, neither agency is releasing specifics about Davlin’s death.

The mayor had been scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning for a probate case in the estate of a deceased cousin. It had been reported that Davlin had failed to make a court deadline for producing the financial accounting of the estate.

In October reports became available that Davlin owed $90,000 in taxes and the government had filed liens against his home. The mayor had blamed the problem on a dispute he was having with the IRS.

Governor Pat Quinn referred to his death as a tragedy and to Davlin as a public servant that loved Springfield.

The mayor had never been a politician when he was elected for his first term in 2003. He had graduated from a local high school, graduated from college and went to work as an insurance and investment broker.

He did not plan to seek a third term in office.

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