Tips For Buying A Quality Sofa Bed

Tips For Buying A Quality Sofa Bed

Buying a quality sofa bed can at times be a hard decision to make.

There are many choices to choose from catering all types of budgets.

The best designs should be friendly to the back and should fit into the stylish space in your home. A quality sofa bed can turn any room in your house into a guestroom or bedroom since it is one of the versatile pieces of furniture you can have in your home. A good sofa bed is as comfortable as a regular bed.

Below are tips for buying a quality sofa bed for your home.

Choose one with a hardwood frame

Frames made from hardwood frames are one of the durable options to go for your sofa bed. Most of them are made from kiln-dried hardwoods or a combination of both furniture-grade ply woods and kiln-dried hardwoods. Sofa beds made from softer woods such as pine should completely be avoided.

Check out for the open and close mechanism

The sleepers should be able to lift up and out in a single smooth motion without sticking or squeaking. The best sofa beds should be designed with a lock-down bar that ensures proper closure and easy opening. It is also advisable that you confirm the opening mechanism to ensure it will not become loose or break easily.

Check for smooth edges

All the inner mechanisms of the sofa bed should be made of smooth edges in order to protect the blankets and sheets from ripping. Despite this precaution, it is always advisable that you remove the blankets and sheets before closing the unit.

Quality of the mattress

A quality mattress is the secret to the best sleep during the night. It can offer reliable comfort to the shoulders, lower back and the hips among other parts of the body.

This does not necessarily quantify a thicker mattress to be better than a thinner one. What matters between the two types is how it is constructed to offer support to the human body. To boost the level of comfort, you can always use a mattress pad on top of the sofa bed whenever you are using it for sleeping.

Test the sofa bed

It is a good idea that you test the sofa bed before making the decision to buy it. It is advisable that you try opening and closing it several times to rate how flexible it is. The best sofa bed should be easy to operate and should not be strenuous. Once you open it, you should try to lie down on it to see how comfortable it can be and how supportive the mattress is.

Take its measurements

Before buying your sofa bed, it is advisable that you take its measurements first. You should take both the normal measurements and the resulting measurements after it is opened. This will enable you determine whether it will fit into the space in your room. Most sofa beds require as much room as a normal bed.

All in all, using the above tips will make shopping for a new sofa bed an unforgettable lifetime experience since you will always enjoy doing it.

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