Tips On Holiday Gifts For Pets

This holiday season, what better way to put off figuring out what to give the uncle who has everything than finding that perfect gift for Fido.

Over half of pet owners will buy gifts for their furry ones this holiday season. And most of those will spend more than they will on their in-laws. According to a major pet supply company, an eye-opening 28% will even spend more on their pets than their spouses.

But not all pooch presents are created equal. There are particular considerations when buying gifts for animals; choking and poisoning are just a few of the immediate concerns. Below are some of the safest kinds of gifts to help keep the holiday season bright for our 4-footed friends:

Play toys: Size is key. Sometimes a big dog playing with a small toy could mean trouble. Keep in mind how easy it would be for a big dog to swallow it, or for a little dog to break a tooth on it.

Stay-busy toys: Tough Kongs filled with food will generally keep your pooches happy. You should be able to make a dent with your fingernail in any outer part of the toy.

Calm-down toys: Soft, stuffed toys are great for pets that aren’t aggressive. Be sure to throw away at any sign of undone seams or visible stuffing.

Here are some canine gift ideas from Amazon’s pet gift giving guides – which also includes cats and fish, of course.

Keep some of these tips in your back pocket and your holidays might not go to the dogs.

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