Titanfall will have it’s first batch of DLC released this month for the PC and Xbox One. Unfortunately, Xbox 360 owners will have to wait until June to receive the DLC.

This DLC is called “Expedition” and will include three new maps to play on.

The first map is called “Swampland” and is set in the swampy ruins with alien technology present in the environment. Pilots will be able to easily use trees in the level to avoid the deadly mechs.

“Runoff” is the second map of this DLC. The map is based on water canals set around an industrialized area and will give players multiple opportunities and choke-points to defeat mechs.

The last map, “War Games”, is based inside the training simulator that is shown early on in the game. This map will be familiar to Titanfall owners.

For anyone that bought a season pass for Titanfall ($24.99), Expedition is free for you. If you decided against purchasing a season pass, then you’re going have to pay $10 for it.

Are you excited for the new Titanfall DLC?

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