titanfall patch bonusRespawn’s Titanfall went gold yesterday for its expected release dates on March 11th (PC, Xbox One) and March 25th (Xbox 360).

With initial development complete, here’s a roundup of the various ways you can preorder the game!

If you want to play on Xbox One, Microsoft is releasing a special bundle that comes with the console and a copy of the game in special packaging for $499.99.

There are also standard and collectors editions. Collectors pay $249.99 for the game, a numbered statue. and a 190 page art book. It’s been made in very limited quantities and is mostly unavailable.

As far as specific retailer deals are concerned, here’s the scoop on the  bonuses you’ll get for pre-purchasing from specific stores.

Amazon has the Mini Prima strategy guide with tips for mastering the game. ($59.99, free shipping eligible).

Best Buy is offering a $10 Rewards certificate for My Best Buy members and 15% off the full Prima strategy guide ($59.99, free shipping eligible).

GameStop Titanfall preorders include “The Divide” collectable poster ($59.99, must be picked up in store).

NewEgg has a $10 gift card ($59.99, free shipping eligible) with preorders.

WalMart Titanfall preorders include the  “First To Fall” Tactical Patch for bags and other apparel. 360 gets one of twenty-four select Platinum Hits games for free as well.  ($59.99, free release day shipping.)

If old school retail boxes aren’t your thing, you can also score a digital download from Xbox Live on consoles, and Origin, GameStop, or Amazon on PC.

Which way will you be enjoying this multiplayer affair on day one?