Tom Cable started his run with the Oakland Raiders when Coach Lane Kiffin was fired in 2008. Now it is his turn to leave the team as his contract was not extended.

Oakland could have exercised a special contract option that would have tied him for another 2 years and five million dollars. They decided not to and this hit the players hard. The news was announced on the team’s official website.

According to Robert Gallery, this is a decision that is going to affect almost all of the team members because Tom Cable was respected and the players liked how he led the team.

Tom Cable managed to lead the Oakland Raiders towards the best season they had since 2002. The team managed an 8-8 record and according to specialists, was heading towards an even more positive future.

Robert Gallery also added that this is a “step back” from what the team was doing for the “year or two.”

No statement was issued by Tom Cable and nobody knows who the next coach is going to be.