Tommorowland A Fun Ride: Not Okay For Young Children

Tommorowland is a rocking ride of a movie.

But it’s not a family film that’s okay for kids of all ages.

The scenes in Tommorowland are fantastic. The special effects awesome. It’s a visual treat.

The movie is mostly fast paced, and mostly fun. There’s flying, holograms, instant transportation, chases of all types, steampunk tech, cool robots, and lots of excitement and adventure.

The parts that aren’t fast paced through, aren’t fun.

For some reason, Disney seems to have decided they needed to deliver several messages in this movie.

Some were good (I’ll remind my 12 year old daughter of the tale of the two wolves when needed).

Some were just dull. The mayor’s monologue felt like it was 20 minutes long. My mind wandered to things outside the theater. My daughter says she followed and understood it though (I expected it to be over her head), so maybe it was just me tuning out the preachiness of whatever he was talking about.

Tommorowland is a violent movie. Its PG rating is well earned. Leave the little ones at home. There’s lots of death and destruction… muted somewhat by the dead being mostly robots. There’s shooting, vaperizing, explosions, lots of shouting and tension, and a hint of profanity.

There’s also one very sad, touching, scene that might be disturbing to young children as well.

Overall, Tommorowland is a fun movie to take a 12 (and around that age) kid to. The kids in the film (both the characters and actors) are great. The visuals are stunning. And the story interesting…. except for the dull messaging. It’s worth a trip to the movies.

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