Top 10 Boys Perform On American Idol: Curtis Finch Jr. Flies High

Top 10 Boys Perform On American Idol: Curtis Finch Jr. Flies High

Tonight the Top 10 guys performed on Fox’s American Idol Season 12.

The boys all around gave solid performances.

Burnell Taylor gave a stunningly spectacular performance as he sang “I’m Here” from the Color Purple, while Lazaro Arbos gave an impressive performance of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.”

Oh, and let’s not forget about Devin Velez, who beautifully sang “It’s Impossible,” interchanging between English and Spanish so impeccably.

Nevertheless, there was one performance that was simply in another league compared to all the rest.

The best performance goes to Curtis Finch Jr., who sang R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.”

His voice is absolutely phenomenal and so completely uplifting.

This dude has got a God-given talent. He not only has an insanely soulful voice, but he so masterfully succeeds in telling the story within the song.

The power within his voice as he so seamlessly takes his time to sing each and every note with profound depth and emotion is simply mind-blowing.

All the judges gave Finch a standing ovation.

Keith Urban declared: “I believe YOU can fly. You ooze everything good, light, Godly, whole, and positive. You have so much hope in you. Thank you very much for that performance.”

Nicki Minaj proclaimed: “What you do is you make people feel good, powerful, and make them believe that they can fly and that is given to you by a higher power. You have a calling on your life, to bless people and to do so much good.”

Randy Jackson was full of praise as he stated: “That was an amazing cover of the song. The competition started right here for me tonight. Now you have given a run for the girls.”

Mariah Carey emphasizes, “The energy you gave off and the feeling you spread to us so generously is what I needed in my life. When we hear you sing, you make me feel thankful that you are here.” She also mentions that he is one of her favorites in the competition.

Who was your favorite performance of the night?

Here are our picks for the top 5 Boys who should go through to the final 10:
1) Curtis Finch Jr.
2) Burnell Taylor
3) Lazaro Arbos
4) Devin Velez
5) Paul Jolley

Who are your picks? Leave your thoughts below!

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