Top 10 Commercials Of 2011 {Video}

Top 10 Commercials Of 2011 {Video}

Who can forget that kid in a Darth Vader custom thinking he started the car in the Volkswagen commercial that first aired during Super Bowl XLV? If you have forgotten – don’t fret, a YouTube of it is below!

That commercial reached the pinnacle of the most liked list of commercials in 2011, according to a survey completed by the trend tracker Nielsen.

In second place was an Oreo commercial, where little boy wakes up his dad at midnight for a Father’s Day treat. Number three on the most liked list is a commercial Darth-Vader-And-Volkswagen-Commercialfrom St. Jude’s Hospital, in which two time Olympic gold medalist Shawn White is shown with a bunch of kids at the hospital wearing wigs that match his hair.

Number four on the list is a Hallmark commercial where a deployed soldier views and listens to a recorded storybook from his family back home. Number five is a Real California Milk commercial in which a cow tells a family’s mom to get rid of her ‘mom jeans’.

For number six we head back to a commercial from the Super Bowl, in which a guy licks Dorito crumbs from his coworker’s fingers. Blagh!

Coming in at number seven is a commercial from Target with a boy in a gecko costume using his sticky gecko hands to take all the candy while trick-or-treating. Number eight is the M&Ms commercial in which an M&M and a pretzel discus whether they would prefer to be eaten by an attractive woman or a man with ‘hungry eyes’. Number nine is the Marie Callender’s & Reddi-Wip commercial with the boy that wants to sit at the adult table… until dessert hits the kids table. Then he decides that being an adult is overrated. Coming at number 10 is the Pepsi commercial with various pop icons performing and drinking Pepsi.

We’ll have a whole new slew of commercials headed our way in 2012, many of the contenders for the top 10 list for next year will likely appear during Super Bowl XLVI, which is scheduled for February 5, 2012.

In the meantime, here’s Darth Vader –

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