TVTopTen has just released its list of top ten products for April.

Topping the list for infomercials is Nutrisystem Select. According to TVTopTen, Nutrisystem remains at the top of the chart because of its high praise from millions of consumers who have lost weight on the system, according to TVTopTen. Nutrisystem is followed by Proactiv, Weight Watchers, and the Instyler.

The Drop Stop Car Wedge topped the Top Ten List for Automotive products because of its innovation and high consumer ratings, said TVTopTen. Drop Stop Car Wedge is designed to keep objects from slipping between the seat and the console of the car. The Jupiter Jack and Fix It Scratch Remover complete the top three.

In housewares, the Snuggie topped the list for popularity and satisfaction. Snuggie was followed by the Space Bag and the Rug Doctor.

Kitchenwares also had their hand in the top ten. The Slap Chop, Debbie Meyer Green Bags, and the Food Saver head the list in the kitchen.

Top Ten lists also include such categories as Money and Business, Pet Supplies, Sports and Fitness, Tools and Hardware, and Toys and Entertainment. TVTopTen puts out new and updated lists monthly in each category. tests, reviews, and rates products based on media results and customer rankings and demand. It also tests all As Seen On TV products to determine whether they do as they say, are durable, and are easy to use.