Top 2 Performances From Wednesday Night’s X Factor (9/26/12)

Top 2 Performances From Wednesday Night’s X Factor (9/26/12)

Wednesday’s episode of The X Factor was definitely the best thus far.

Week 3 of competition was inundated with exceptional talent from 37-year-old Daryl Black, who wowed the judges with his rendition of Gym Class Hero’s “Stereo Hearts,” to 20-year old rapper Nick Youngerman getting Britney Spears up and dancing as he performed Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

There were two performances that stood out from the rest:

1) Dinah Jane Hansen- “If I were a Boy”

15-Year old Dinah Jane, who told the judges she shares a home with 20 relatives, blew the judges away with her stunning performance of Beyonce’s “If I were a Boy.”

Her colorful vocal range was beautifully showcased as she clearly has both a strong high and low register. That girl has pipes!

All the judges appeared to be in complete awe of her stellar performance. Specifically, LA Reid expressed his deep admiration for her performance as he stated: “It’s so tough to take a song from Beyonce and actually do it justice, but you took that song to places even Beyonce didn’t take it.” He even predicted this girl will be one of the finalists!

Britney expressed how Hansen made her day and felt a connection from the moment she started singing! Demi told Hansen that she got the chills from her unbelievably amazing performance and cannot wait to buy her music one day.


2) David Correy-“Just The Way You Are”

26-year-old David Correy, who dedicated his X Factor performance to the search for reconnecting to his birth mother, gave an emotionally impactful rendition of Bruno Mar’s “Just The Way You Are.”

His voice was simply breath-taking. You could see Britney tearing up during his magical performance.

Britney commended Correy for his amazing stage presence, while Reid praised him for his powerful upper register and undeniable charm.

As tears began to flow down Correy’s face, he explained how he has been waiting for this opportunity his entire life and told the audience “There is always going to be somebody out there telling you that you can’t do what you love. Love and do what you love to do.”

Simon chimed in stating: “I totally agreed with that if you are good, and the good news is you are really good.”

Correy is on his way to the next stage of the competition.


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