Top 2 Performances Of X Factor’s October 4 Battle Round

Top 2 Performances Of X Factor’s October 4 Battle Round

Thursday’s X Factor episode started the bootcamp battle round, where the judges paired up contestants to challenge each other for a spot in the Top 24.

Unlike NBC’s The Voice’s battle round where one contestant in the battle is immediately eliminated by their coach, Simon explained that both, neither, or one contestant can make it. The contestants also have the opportunity to choose their own song.

Here were the top 2 Battles:

1) Diamond White vs. Dinah Jane Hansen – battling it out to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”

Hansen started off showcasing both her low and high register. Although she fumbled a bit with her lyrics, it was hardly noticeable. She did a great job picking herself back up. Her voice is so incredibly powerful, especially for just being 15!

White also did a fantastic job during this performance. She had great stage presence and hit all her notes with unbelievable strength and perfect control.

As these two shining contestants left the stage, the judges discussed their opinions on the performance. Reid raved about White’s stage presence, specifically labeling the little move she did at the end as genius. However, Reid expressed his concern about Hansen’s minor choke, but Demi came to her defense saying “Look at her, she wants this.” Britney simply stated that she loved them both.


2) Beatrice Miller vs. Carly Rose Soneclar – battling it out to Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”

Both Miller and Sonceclar did an amazing job covering Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.”

Both of them are only 13, yet sound so mature for their age. Miller was a pro at working the stage and had great spunk and sass as she sang. Her voice is so smooth and has a bit of a jazzy feel to it.

Soneclar also had great stage presence. She not only has an extraordinary vocal ability, but she did a great job telling the story embedded within the song. The notes that girl can hit were jaw dropping. During Soneclar’s part of the performance, Britney even whispered to the other judges that Soneclar is amazing.

At the end of the performance, Simon told the judges he thought that both did well. While Demi expressed her concern stating: “From experience, it’s so hard when you are that young.” Nevertheless, I have a good feeling both of these girls will make it to the Top 24.


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