Tonight’s episode of The Voice continued with the last round of blind auditions as the coaches finalized their teams.

The judges were more selective than ever before, failing to turn their chairs for Rod Michael’s slick audition of Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” and Kameron Corvet’s unique rendition of Alanis Morissette’s “Crazy.”

Here are the two performances that stood out the most this week:

1) Caitlin Michele: “Cosmic Love”-Florence & The Machine

Caitlin Michele’s performance of Florence & The Machine’s “Cosmic Love” was enigmatically soothing, yet wildly powerful. Her chilling performance brought on the goose bumps.

Adam and Blake fought aggressively over Michele.

Adam raved over Michele’s uniqueness and the epic way in which she powerfully finished her performance, while Blake explained how impressed he was early on in how accurate she is with her notes.

Surprisingly, Christina came to Adam’s defense, advising Michele to choose Adam because of his understanding of Florence and The Machine.

Michele ended up choosing Adam as her coach.


2)Kayla Nevarez- “American Boy” by Estelle

17-year old Kayla Nevarez gave an exceptional performance of Estelle’s “American Boy.” She was very fun and entertaining to watch.

Cee-lo commended Nevarez for her “seasoned vocals,” and undeniable swagger.

He further complimented Nevarez for her ability to match her moves with her vocals.

The battle over Nevarez came down to Christina and Adam.

Christina explained her deep desire to have Nevarez on her team, praising her for what she described as “a smooth effortless quality to her voice.”

However, Adam, emphasizing his first season win, won over Nevarez.


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