Top 2 X Factor Performances On Thursday Night’s Episode (9/27)

Top 2 X Factor Performances On Thursday Night’s Episode (9/27)

Thursday’s episode of X Factor consisted of a variety of talented contestants in different shapes and sizes.

The inspiring Freddie Combs told the story of how he was housebound at 900lbs, but since then lost 400 lbs with the help of diet and exercise.

As he took the stage and wowed the judges with his unbelievably moving version of “Wind Beneath My Wings,” he made sure to dedicate his performance to his lovely wife.

Then there was Owen Stewart who dedicated his excellent X Factor performance of “Airplanes” to his long-distance girlfriend in which he not only sang, but also infused his own rap within the song.

There were 2 performances that stood out from all the rest:

1) Trevor Moran: “I’m Sexy and I know It”

After suffering from dehydration, 13-year-old Trevor Moran shocked the judges with his highly entertaining performance of LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know it.”

This kid is quite the entertainer. He not only had a great voice, but also had some comical, yet slick dance moves.

LA Reid praised Moran for owning the stage and rocking the house. He emphasized how he thought Moran embodies everything the X Factor is about. Both Demi and Britney gushed over his cuteness as they admitted to being thoroughly entertained and had fun watching his performance. Simon joked “I’m not entirely sure that was age appropriate,” but then stated how he thought he was going to be remembered for his performance.


2) Lauren Jauregui: “If I Ain’t Got You”

“The competition just got stiffer,” LA Reid stated, as 16-year-old Miami native Lauren finished performing her jaw-dropping performance of Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got you.”

Reid perfectly describe her voice as “husky and round,” while Simon and Demi said they were in awe of the maturity of her voice at such a young age.

Lauren’s incredible voice was packaged with a touching story. She talked about her love for her amazingly hard-working and supportive family. She discussed the financial struggles her parents face and maturely expresses her deep desire to want to give back for all they have done for her.

Before her performance, her dad is seen reminding her to sing from her heart and soul. She did just that and then some receiving four yes’s from the judges!


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