Top 3 Perform on Season 4 of The Voice: Who Won The Night?

Top 3 Perform on Season 4 of The Voice: Who Won The Night?

Tonight on NBC’s The Voice, the top 3 performed, each vying for the chance to become The Season Four champion. The question is who won the night as they head into the finale tomorrow night?!

The final three contestants Team Blake’s The Swon Brother’s, Danielle Bradbery and Team Usher’s Michelle Chamuel, each sang three songs—a duet with their coach, a new song never performed on the show, and finally a memorable song performed during the season.

Let’s dig deeper into each performance!

The Swon Brothers “I Can’t Tell You Why” by the Eagles

Although a tad sleepy in parts, The Swon Brothers showcased a shocking new aspect to their voices. Who would have known these two could harmonize in a piercing falsetto?!

All in all, it was nice to see the duo take a risk and sing a song that strays away from the typical country songs they sing.

Usher says, “It’s great you found the girl part of your voice… I am glad to see you guys evolving.”

Shakira states: “ I’m a fan obviously. I thought it was a good idea to do this song. This new you with this falsetto quite suit both of you very well. What you have that is so special is that you have this universal appeal. You’re straight country, but people like me love you.”

Adam expresses how singing the Eagles is a tall order, but he thinks the guys did really well.

Blake declares that he believes this is the best season of The Voice so far and agrees with Usher’s comment on the consistent evolution of the Swon Brothers.

Michelle performs Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”

We loved when Michelle performed this song last time and we loved it just as much again. It was a perfect song for reprisal. She really made the song her own adding powerful runs and showcased the beautiful vibrato in her voice. Her energy was as always infectious.

Shakira says, “I’m so thrilled you made it to the finals. Your energy is crazy. It’s contagious. I’m so glad America has seen what an original artist you are. You are extraordinary.”

Adam also commends Michelle for her undeniable energy as he states: “You feel the energy in here. It is created from what you do.”

Usher declares Michelle Chamuel as the winner of The Voice. He says that when we will go back and watch Michelle perform this song, we will remember it as a milestone.

The Swon Brother’s perform “Danny’s Song”

“Danny’s Song” was the best performance The Swon Brother’s ever had on the show. In fact, this was a song that took the number 2 spot on iTunes. The duo once again brilliantly covered the song.

Usher praises the duo for personalizing the song. He explains, “ I felt as though I disappeared for a moment and we weren’t here. It was an incredible rendition of the song.”

Adam says the Swon Brother’s did a great job of continuing the legacy of a classic song.

Blake emphasizes, “You took that song and reinvented it and reintroduced it to a new audience. Your harmonies get better each time you perform.”

Michelle Chamuel performs Annie Lenox’s “Why”

Michelle’s vocals were spectacular on this song. She sang the song with such deep emotion. It was such a beautiful moment to see. Michelle has definitely proven that she can succeed in singing up-tempo songs and ballad type songs.

Shakira says, “That was beautiful. It is established how much I like you as an artist. You are such a humble and sweet person, which is a perfect recipe of long term success. It is one thing to conquer people’s hearts and the other is to stay in their hearts and you have done it.”

Blake remarks, “It was a more laid back performance and it was an important time to show that side of you.”

Usher emphasizes Michelle’s ability to connect with the audience. He re-acknowledges what Shakira says by stating that “a successful artist has likability and capability and that is what you possess.”

Danielle Bradbery “ Maybe It Was Memphis”

Bradbery’s reprisal of “Maybe It Was Memphis” was effortless. She once again showcased the genuine purity and rawness of her voice.

Shakira professes, “You are just so amazing that you have gone straight to the vein of America.”

Adam says, “The craziest thing about your voice is that it is so unbelievably perfect…I think Danielle is the winner of this thing.”

Throughout the night, each of the contestants sang duets with their coaches. We have to say our favorite duet was with Usher and Michelle Chamuel singing U2’s “One love.” Usher and Michelle harmonized so beautifully together! It gave us the chills!

Danielle Bradbery closed the night with Sara Evan’s “Born To Fly.” It was a really fun and lively song that got us up on our feet, but it also really showed her always impeccable vocal ability.

Adam says, “Your perfection is almost boring me at this point,” while Blake notes, “At the end of the day Danielle you’re such an important person to music and I can’t say enough about you.”

We have to say the winner of the night is a toss up between Michelle Chamuel and Danielle Bradbery. Although we are leaning more towards Michelle. Michelle is a true artist. She has the voice, energizing stage presence and just has a genuine likeability factor that makes her the ideal package.

Who was your favorite performance of the night? Who do you think deserves to be crowned the Season 4 winner of The Voice? Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Trae Patton

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