Toyota Motor Sales, the U.S. division of Toyota Motor Corporation, has announced a recall of 740,000 vehicles that were sold in the United States due to a potential for unsafe brakes. The Japanese company is recalling a total of 1.5 million vehicles worldwide.

The cars that fall under the most current recall from the company include the Avalon that was built from 2005 to 2006, the non-hybrid Highlanders build from 2004 to 2006, the Lexus RX330 and the 2006 models of the Lexus GS300, IS250 and IS350.

The cars have the potential for a small portion of brake fluid to leak from the brake master cylinder  which will cause the warning light to come on. When the problem is left untreated the owner may notice a soft, spongy feel to the brake pedal and the ability of the brakes to slow the vehicle down will deteriorate over time.

The company says that the problem is caused when non-Toyota brake fluid is used in the car. The company brand has lubricating polymers that will prevent the problem .

As a resolution, Toyota and Lexus will replace the brake master cylinder in these vehicles at no additional charge to the owner.

This recall is the latest in a myriad of recalls the company has had for safety concerns in its vehicles. Since the last half of 2009 Toyota has recalled more than eight million vehicles for various problems.