ask normanThe numbers are in for Sunday night’s Twitter trends.

Last night, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus took to Twitter for Q&A. The results were staggering.

At the start of the Twitter event, Reedus posted, “Let’s start this NOW IM TOO EXCITED TO WAIT!!!” Apparently, neither could TWD fans. Questions ran the gamut.

Fans asked anything from the cerebral, “Is their symbolism , with the arrow breaking,” to the curious, “Did you guys really drink moonshine,” and the silly, “If became a walker, which group member would be his favorite meal?”

As the frenzy continued, Reedus tweeted, “We broke twitter I wanna hug and high five every one of u! YESSS!” Apparently the Q&A was cut short when Twitter malfunctioned.  Reedus assured fans via Twitter that he will make it up to fans.

Fans got a Reedus fix on AMC’s ‘The Talking Dead’ where he and castmate, EmilyKinney. The episode’s closing one finger salute and possible romantic interludes between Daryl and Beth dominated the discussion.

Tendinalia United States reports #AskTWD ranks 19 amongst trending Twitter topics. #TheOscars2014 ranks 17. Time will tell if ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Nielson rating outranks last night’s 86th Academy Awards.

There are no details on the when or where for Reedus’s make up Q&A session.