Trevin Hunte on The Voice

Tonight’s episode of NBC’s The Voice featured the top 6 contestants.

The final remaining contestants gave it their all. Each performed not one, but two, songs. One was chosen by their respective coach, and one chosen on their own.

Tonight marked an incredibly special night on The Voice. The front-runner in the competition became crystal clear.

The one to beat is beyond a shadow of a doubt Mr. Trevin Hunte. Week after week Hunte gives nothing less than exceptional performances. However, tonight was the most ground-breaking and magical to date.

Hunte gave a jaw dropping performance of Jennifer Hudson’s “And I’m Telling You.”

Holy cow, this dude’s vocal ability blows my mind. He had me yelling at the top of my lungs from pure awe and utter excitement. He makes his undeniable God-given talent look effortless. He not only showcased his incredible vocal range, but left his heart on the stage tonight, as he sang the song with deep passion.

Oh, and just to remind you all – he is only 18! Yes, you read correctly, 18, and has the pipes of a legend!

Adam shared his sheer appreciation for Hunte, stating: “Forget about the competition, just as a group of people, I thoroughly enjoyed an incredible God given voice.”

He further gave the best compliment of the night, declaring Hunte’s performance as the best performance he has ever seen on all seasons of The Voice.

Blake congratulated Hunte on giving a full two minute moment. He acknowledged, “You gave full on Trevin and for the first time didn’t hold anything back.”

Christina was so blown away by Hunte’s performance that she could not stop fanning herself while speaking.

She praised Hunte as she explained, “When you hit those notes, there is something about you that is so magical. I can feel your pain and the motivation and drive you have for this business. I am so happy to be here to enjoy this and would love to one day have you under my wing to personally show you the ropes.”

Who is your favorite performer on The Voice this season? Leave your comments below!