‘True Blood’ fans listen up: the seventh and final season begins in just a few days and leaked footage from that first episode indicates that Sookie and Bill might be reconnecting.

The clip shows Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) driving together, but it appears they are only together because they have to be.

Sookie, in particular,seems to want to keep it all business but Bill may have other ideas.

He tells his ex that if they are going to go through with this charade then she needs to take his blood or he won’t be of any help to her.

Bill is well aware of the fact that taking blood can be a very sexual act, especially for humans.  He also knows Sookie is with Alcide so his motives are less than pure.

Season 6 ended in the not too distant future and showed Sookie and Alcide together, but shaky because of her past with Bill.

Bill has been like a black cloud hanging over their union: during the final moments of last season he offered to protect Sookie from the Hep-V vamps, which made Alcide less than happy.

If she is working with Bill her relationship with Alcide may not last long.

The 33 second clip ends with Sookie reluctantly taking blood from Bill.

What happens next is anyone’s guess but it’s already been leaked that the opening episode will be volatile.  The vampires will crash the vampire-human mixer and the results will be “shocking”.

Sookie will face accusations that she is the cause of the drama at Bon Temps and Bill will get help to thwart a vigilante uprising from a surprise source.

The premiere episode of the seventh and final season of ‘True Blood’ airs this Sunday, June 22 at 9 P.m. (EST) on HBO.