The HBO vampire series, ‘True Blood’  chugged towards its series finale with a wedding, funeral, and birth of the New Blood franchise. New blood, is more than a vampire antidote- the Stackhouse family abounds.

Much of the finale focused on Vampire Bill’s true death. Hoyte and Jessica cease the moment and exchange vows- a not so subtle social commentary on the current marriage inequity in the US.

In an act of true love, Sookie decides to put Bill out of his misery the old fashioned way after he begs her to kill him. The dutiful Sookie contacts the graveyard and unearths Bills grave. He climbs down into the hole and prepares for rest. She can’t sacrifice her fay gift, so she takes him out Buffy style by driving a stake through his heart as he looks gratefully into her wet doe eyes from inside his peculiarly well-preserved wooden coffin.

Eric finally takes his vengeance against the Yakuza by slaughtering the gang and claiming True Blood as his discovery. The just desserts continue as Sara Newlin, enslaved in Fangtasia’s dungeon, is doomed to live out her days suckling vamps, providing them Hep V immunity.

As the credits roll, legendary Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” swells around a Thanksgiving feast hosted by a pregnant Sookie Stackhouse. Jason and his growing family along with the whose-who of Bon Temp were in attendance…and they all lived happily ever after.

It’s nice when a series brings its viewers closure, but this syrupy sweet conclusion to a vampire series shows that the finale is long overdue. The best part of the finale was the campy infomercial hosted by Eric and Pam. In this scene, the show seems aware of how ridiculous its plodding plot had become and makes light of its shortcomings.

‘True Blood’ viewers still hankering for a Sunday vampire fix can get on board with ‘The Strain’ on FX, though they’ll find no touchy-feely vamps there.