Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick Should Have Been Executed

While filling in on Fox News’  Hannity show Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson shared his opinion that Michael Vick should have been executed for his role in the heartless and cruel way he killed dogs.

The panel on the show had been discussing the recent call from President Obama praising the Eagles fr giving Vick a second chance after his conviction and prison time for dogfighting. The President wanted to stress that many convicted felons do not receive fair treatment when released and he praised the public way in which the Eagles expressed their offering of a new chance for Vick. However, Tucker Carlson did not agree.

While discussing with the panel Tucker Carlson shared his own viewpoint on the situation. He began by stressing that he was a Christian and with that he believed in second chances. However, he felt the way Vick killed these dogs was heartless and cruel and that he should have been executed for it.

Vick spent 19 months in prison for his part in the ring of dogfighters. When he was making a plea deal he admitted that he had killed any dogs deemed unfit to fight.

When released Vick was taken in by the Philadelphia Eagles and is now in his second season. Tuesday brought the news that he was chosen as the NFC starting quarterback for the Pro Bowl. He has thrown 3,018 yards and rushed 676 yards this season. He has also achieved 30 touchdowns.

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