The showdown between reluctant hero, Abraham Woodhull, and the malicious Red Coat, John Simcoe, heats up in episode 109 of Turn. Simcoe’s elaborate ruse to root out rebels may backfire.

When Simcoe initiated this weeks battle of the wits, he underestimated Abraham- while Abe may have been at a disadvantage in episode 107’s duel, he proved quite skilled in the courtroom. Simcoe’s plan: frame Caleb Brewster’s uncle for killing Major Hewlett’s horse and frame Ben Tallmadge’s father for shooting Abraham’s father.

Simcoe’s plan is transparent to Abe, Caleb, and Ben- but will they be able to stop him?

Abe temporarily replaces his recuperating father and serves as Setauket’s magistrate. From this position, he can turn the accused into sympathetic figures and prove that the gun  used against his father was from the Queen’s army. Abe manages to spare Tallmadge and Brewster of the gallows, but serving a year sentence on the dysentery infested Jersey is hardly a measure of Major Hewlett’s  mercy.

News of the arrests sends Caleb, Ben, and the rest of the cavalry charging towards Setauket- the covert war that’s been waging there all this time will come to light and reach a bloody climax in next week’s season finale. This event will parallel the climax of Abraham and Simcoe’s showdown. The personal rivalry has effectively embodied the struggle between colonists and England throughout the first season.

Abe is more determined than ever to expose Simcoe for the murderous maniac he is. But Simcoe isn’t the only one in danger of being outed. At the close of tonight’s episode of Turn, Abe’s wife finds his intelligence and realizes that he is a spy. The question is, will she keep his secret? She struggled with loose lips in previous episodes and she is understandably hurt by Abe’s affair with Anna- the situation has all the ingredients for an ultimatum.

There are a lot of loose ends to tie up in the season 1 finale. Will Mary Woodhull protect her husband’s secret, or will she use it as leverage to save her marriage? Will Abe be free to live with Anna, or will Anna’s husband resurface to thwart their happiness? It would be nice to see Simcoe finally get what he deserves,  but it is likely he will survive the impending battle at Setauket since he’s a driving force for the show’s conflict. Will Caleb and Ben save their family members, or will the charge the men lead expedite their untimely end?

The network has yet to renew or cancel Turn, so a satisfying season finale is essential. The Turn season 1 finale airs June 8, 2014 at 9 P.M. Will you tune in for the season finale? Do you hope the show is renewed, or do you think it has run its course? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.