In tonight’s episode of  Turn, villainous Captain Simcoe (Samuel Roukin) returned to Setauket and it seems not even his comrades are happy about it. Despite Major Hewlett’s (Burn Gorman) warning, Simcoe initiates another violent encounter with Abe  Woodhull (Jamie Bell). It seems petty pride may be the undoing of both men.

Simcoe pretends to defend Anna Strong’s (Heather Lind) honor when he accosts and brutalizes Abe in the dark woods. Simcoe’s secret mission is exposed when Abe tells  his dad, the magistrate, the sorted tale. Too bad Abe didn’t disclose the sexual encounter that triggered Simcoe’s jealous attack. Simcoe reveals Abe’s less than honorable act so, Simcoe once again escapes justice.

Honor is the trait called into question throughout tonight’s episode. Simcoe, a malicious fiend seemingly void of honor, continues to make unwanted advances on Anna- ironically the offense for which he attacks Abe. Her husband is in prison and their land is stolen, making her fairly vulnerable.

Abe’s honor, too, is called into question. Not for straying from his wife, but for showing mercy to the Setauket’s devil, Simcoe. Anna and Richard Woodhull (Kevin McNally) disrupt Simcoe and Abe’s duel- Anna pleads with Simcoe to stand down. Moved by the possibility of Anna opening her heart to him, Simcoe wastes his shot.

In a surprising maneuver, Abe refuses to stand down. The opportunity to finally kill Simcoe is too good to resist. He takes his aim at his pale adversary, but his father, Richard, threatens Abe and begs him to think of his son. The phrase that turned Abe: “This is about more than you!” With that, Abe is reminded of his value- his potential for bringing down all of the British occupiers, not just one.

Surprisingly, Anna, who begged for his life, is furious that Abe didn’t finish the job. She berates Abe for not taking the shot, but would killing Simcoe, who wasted the bullet that would have killed Abe, be honorable? What’s more, is taking down the enemy by any means necessary more important than honor?

Do you think Abe made the right decision, or will he live to regret sparing Simcoe? Then again, Abe could have missed, giving Simcoe another opportunity to fire on him. Would Simcoe have spared Abe again?

Time will tell. This won’t be the last showdown between Abe and Simcoe. We already see, though, the impact of making things personal through Robert Rogers’ (Angus MacFadyen) relentless search for Ben Tallmadge (Seth Numrich). If Ben didn’t leave a Queen Ranger’s cap (an act of vengeance), Rogers would not have taken the attack personally or be Hell bent on hunting him down.  But is anything about war not personal?

You can share your ideas in the comment section. Episode 108 airs next Sunday at 9:00 p.m.  It appears more tough times are ahead for our rag tag group of spies, especially with Ben learning his brother’s release from prison was a farce.