Turn wrapped up its first season in a blaze of glory, but its fate is still uncertain. On April 6th the series premiered to an audience of 2.1 million viewers, but its current viewership average , 1.41 million,  is a mark of its steady decline (Nielsen Company 2014).

Episode 108 showed some signs of ratings life with a 28% boost; however, the ratings fell 16% the following week. Time will tell if AMC renews Turn for a second season. I, for one, hope it does- there are too many loose ends for the network to leave viewers hanging. Besides unanswered questions, there’s the shocking developments to contend with… Hello, Mary!

[Finale Spoilers]

Blood shed was expected in tonight’s “Battle of Setauket,” but few could have predicted Mary’s grace under pressure.  As Abe seals his fall from innocence by shooting a British soldier who discovered his treasonous secret, Mary rattles off a conniving scheme that’s sure to save Abe’s hide. If  her interference had not revealed him, the audience would have cheered for her chutzpah.

The AMC Turn message board went berserk when Mary proclaimed, “I know how to clean up a mess,” and proceeded to burn down their house. The Woodhull family piled into its wagon- the destination left unclear. Abe’s first kill, and Mary’s true colors were not the only gasp- worthy moments in Turn’s season 1 finale.

Simcoe’s malevolence reached new heights when he marched frail old Brewster onto a field and put a bullet in Brewster’s brain while Caleb, his nephew, watched in the distance. Infuriated Major Hewlett violently apprehended and gagged the defiant Simcoe- his fate, too, left unclear. Many on the Turn story sync voted for his death.

Turn is positioned for a strong second season. After a relatively slow exposition, the first seasons’s pace quickened in the final three episodes. The writing is strong, the characters are dynamic, and the plot is full of potential- but that may not be enough.

What did you think of the first season of Turn? Do you hope for its return? Share your thoughts in the comment section.