In tonight’s episode of Turn, Abigail (Idara Victor) and General Washington (Ian Kahn), demonstrate desperate times call for creative measures.

Because of Selah Strong’s treason, Abigail, Anna Strong’s (Heather Lind) house slave and childhood companion, is subject to the terms of The Lord Dunmore Proclamation. Consequently, she and her son, Cicero, are cruelly separated when she is sent to work for Major John Andre (JJ Feild) in New York.

Abigail blackmails Anna to protect her son, Cicero. In exchange for keeping Anna’s espionage a secret, Anna must care for Cicero.

With her family torn apart, Abigail is inspired to help Anna by sharing intelligence about Loyalist plans. She tells Anna that she will “do her laundry” in New York as long as Anna protects Cicero. The British power play is already working against them.

Things appeared bleak for General Washington, too. With no funds to pay his men, the British speculate he will soon have no army. Time is of the essence.

Washington deploys a secret mission- the infamous Delaware crossing. The amphibious mission was risky, but the man purported to have been “forged from failure” manages to take back Trenton.

The Hessian auxiliary and the British troops, accustomed to Washington’s frequent retreats, did not suspect this offensive maneuver. Washington pressed on to Princeton after taking Trenton, but left a small group of armed Dragoons as decoys.

The Dragoons fooled the British into thinking their numbers were far greater by making noise and lighting numerous torches. This small troop’s distraction allowed Washington’s safe passage to Princeton.

The British army’s arrogance is its undoing. Its continued efforts to marginalize colonists continues to fuel strategic rebellion.

Will Anna be able to keep her promise to Abigail?

Will Washington’s recent victories further empower Abe, or put him in danger?

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