‘TWD’ Ep 513, Carol’s Cookies, Cryptic Letters & Creepy Kisses

The Walking Dead episode 513, “Forget,” brings viewers the recipe for a perfect storm: 1 part cookies, 2 parts cryptic letters, and 1 part creepy kiss.

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead is brought to you by the letter A.

A,,, as in Gareth marks the church with a big red A and shoves people in train car A. The red A is back, but what does it mean?

While Rick is at Deanna’s welcome-to-Alexandria party, young Sam, Jesse’s son, stamps Rick’s hand with a giant letter A. For what exactly is Rick marked? Clearly, A begins Alexandria.

Is this an ominous sign that Rick is to Alexandria what Gareth is to Terminus…minus cannibalism? Was the tattooed faced madman in Terminus correct…is Rick just like him? A isn’t the only letter in play.

Carol guns down a walker while she, Daryl, and Rick strategize outside Alexandria’s walls.

Daryl notices a W carved on the walkers forehead. The group examines it with some curiosity, but it has bigger fish to fry- smuggling guns to its rendezvous point.

Is there a connection between the W and the wolf graffiti in Noah’s gated community? And was the letter carved prior to the walker’s turn? Will Negan’s guardians become AMC’s Wolf pack?

Carol, the group’s invisible woman,  gains access to Alexandria’s arsenal via its pantry. Because who doesn’t store their chocolate with their guns? Carol bakes cookies for Deanna’s party, but poor little Sammy gets none. Desperate for tasty treats, Sam follows Carol to the pantry and bites off more than he can chew.

Carol, caught with her hands in the gun box, reveals her sinister survivor side. She gives Sam two options 1) keep his mouth shut and enjoy all the cookies he can stomach (2) tell his mom that he saw Carol, and she’ll throw him outside of Alexandria’s walls while he’s sleeping.

She isn’t the only person coming unhinged. During the party, Sasha snaps when a kind woman offers to make her dinner and worries she may make Sasha something she’ll hate. The woman’s trivial concern incenses Sasha, who thinks Alexandria is a fantasy land. Is Sasha right? Or is Deanna right in saying Sasha’s dismissal of all Alexandria has built is bologna?

Rick, too, shows signs of slipping. He gives Jesse an intense kiss on the cheek and then later, when Jesse and her husband pass Rick– Rick palms his gun. The alpha male has his eyes on Jesse, but how will this hurt his group? How will it affect the dynamics between the Alexandrians and the Grimes Gang?

Shortly after Rick’s bizarre moment of infatuation, he goes to an Alexandria wall and seems to take strange comfort in the groans of a walker that he hears on the other side. Is Rick better suited for life outside the walls of Alexandria? Is he a detriment to Alexandria’s continued success, or is he truly the savior he believes himself to be?

Aaron, for one, seems to question Rick’s judgment.  He doesn’t think Rick can distinguish between good and bad people, which means Rick cannot properly gage his own behavior. Daryl, on the other hand, is a good judge of character– a trait Aaron reveres and so he extends to Daryl an offer he can’t refuse. Daryl is now a recruiter for Alexandria, allowing him ample, meaningful time outside of Alexandria’s walls.

In the spirit of Buttons, the late horse, Daryl can’t be fully tamed and if Alexandria tries too hard, it could destroy him. It wasn’t all that long ago that Joe cautioned Daryl against pretending to be an indoor cat. But Daryl isn’t the only free spirit in the Grimes Gang. Many of them are pretending. Which group member will fail to adjust?

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