‘TWD’ Ep 514, “Spend”: This is the Beginning

As tension mounts in  The Walking Dead, episode 514, Father Gabriel warns Deanna that the devil is in Alexandra. But has the devil been in Alexandria all along? Who or what will extinguish the false light that threatens the Alexandrian “paradise” ?

Noah, under disturbing circumstances, urges Glenn to not let go. Noah sees the potential of Alexandria and is desperate to build it to its full glory. He wants Glenn to hold on to that light and to begin again. But is the Alexandria safe zone the paradise the Grimes gang deserves?

Welcome to paradise– the land of cowards. Nicholas puts his life before the other supply runners and it ends horribly for one loveable member of the Grimes gang. This is not the first time, though, that Nicholas cut and run when his team is in trouble.


Impetuous Aiden blasts a walker in riot gear and causes an avoidable explosion that releases a group of walkers from a cage. This time Aiden pays the price for his thoughtlessness. Pinned against the wall as walkers close in on him and his rescuers, Aiden confesses to Glenn that he and Nicholas have abandoned supply runners in peril.

His confession gives Glenn permission to run and to save the rest of the group. Will Deanna blame Glenn for Aiden’s death? Will Nicholas receive justice for killing Noah, or will Deanna see his death as retribution for Aiden’s death? Will Deanna blame herself for Aiden’s death since she thanked Glenn (again) for punching her son in the face?

Glenn, who just witnessed Noah’s massacre, catches up to Nicholas and punches him. His restraint and mercy is a testament to the genuine light that Rick and his group bring to Alexandria.

Eugene, who found his courage in “Spend,” helps Glenn load Nicholas into the van. Not only is Glenn inherently good, but he also knows that leaving Nick will look suspicious, especially when he has to tell Deanna that her son is dead.

Let’s face it– if it wasn’t for Eugene’s heroics, no one would have survived the mission. The self professed coward carries an unconscious Tara through a walker infested warehouse to the van and uses the van to lure the walkers away from Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas.

Clearly, time spent with Rick and his group has served him well. Could the group have a similar effect on the rest of Alexandria?

Deanna is already concerned about the power the Grimes gang has assumed: two marshals, a recruiter, and now a construction site foreman. While out gathering supplies for Alexandria’s walls, a swarm of walkers threaten Abraham and his construction crew.

Francine, an Alexandrian, is injured during the crew’s effort to stave off the walkers, and the foreman retreats. Disgusted, Abraham charges into the danger zone and gets Francine to safety.

Together, they eliminate the remaining threat and the remaining crew members join in their effort. The foreman, inspired by Abraham’s courage and loyalty, cedes his power to Abraham with Deanna’s approval. How likely is Deanna to follow the foreman’s lead and cede her power to Rick?

Episode 514 marks the beginning of a showdown between Rick and Deanna. A grief stricken Deanna may ask Rick to punish Glenn and Eugene since they were with Aiden when he was killed, especially if Nicholas lies and paints a sordid picture of the warehouse events. Worse, she may exonerate Nicholas for killing Noah- a measure sure to sit poorly with Rick and his group.

Tension is sure to mount now that Rick knows Jessie (his secret crush) and her son are domestic abuse survivors. He will be out for justice, but what type of justice will Rick Grimes dole? Will he overstep his bounds with vigilante justice, validating Father Gabriel’s skewed portrait of Rick, the false light?

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