‘TWD,’ Ep. 615 “East”: Emotion and Arrogance Set The Stage For Negan

‘TWD,’ Ep. 615 “East” leads Carol away from Alexandria and the site of Savior destruction. By the close of the episode, it’s clear that a blend of emotion and arrogance is making Rick’s group vulnerable. Things are neatly arranged for Negan’s debut during the Season 6 finale.

Ironically, Carol’s decision to leave and avoid further bloodshed gives way to, you guessed it, more bloodshed. But will the bloodshed stop with the four bodies she added to her list?

Daryl, too, made some emotional decisions that will likely cost the group far more than Carol’s break for it. Daryl blames himself for Denise’s death. His grief logic concludes had he killed Dwight in the burnt forest instead of helping him, Denise would be alive.

His grief put the group in danger. How did he think that the group would not go after him, knowing a Savior attack is imminent? Did he think he would be able to stop a future attack if he killed Dwight, or was it a selfish desire to clear his conscience?

Daryl, blinded by emotion and a twinge of arrogance, fails. Is this foreshadowing Rick’s fate? Daryl’s arrogance put the ones he loves in a clear path of danger…and it got him shot.

Calm down! It appears he was shot in the shoulder or the arm. Even Dwight sneered that Daryl would be alright. The point is, he and those who went after him are sitting ducks… a product of his emotional, arrogant reaction.

Carol’s distance from Alexandria and the group may be an inadvertent blessing. Rick returns to Alexandria as Morgan continues to search for Carol. But should he force Carol to return to Alexandria…would he even be able to force her to go back? Or would he join her in her efforts to live in peace?

But should he force Carol to return to Alexandria…would he even be able to force her to go back? Or would he join her in her efforts to live in peace?

The last time she was separated from the group and its core members were about to die, she swooped in to save the day, reeking havoc on Terminus.

Will she swoop in to save Glenn, Michonne, Rosita, and Daryl from Dwight? She already took down her fair share of Saviors and, like Rick said, that woman is a “force of nature.” I mean, the woman had the wherewithal to sew a Mac 11 submachine gun into her coat sleeve!

More questions arise in the last leg of the episode. Early in the episode, Maggie and Glenn shower with each other, a symbolic attempt to wash away their sins. Glenn traces the blossom of bruises on her lower back. Surely the events of Episode 614, combined with stress and poor nutrition, have taken a toll on Maggie’s pregnancy.

After Glenn goes after Daryl, Enid cuts Maggie’s hair, Maggie claiming it’s time to move on– and with that proclamation, Maggie collapses, appearing to have pains of a possible miscarriage.

Will Maggie lose everything in the Season 6 finale? Will she lose both her child, to a miscarriage, and her husband, to Negan’s wrath?

As we creep into what’s promised to be a heartbreakingly fabulous Season 6 finale, there are many loose ends. Soon the answer to the much-anticipated question “who will die at the hands of Negan?” will be answered.

The candidates seem to be those who are outside the walls of Alexandria: Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Carol, Rosita, and Morgan.

Moral compasses don’t have a strong track record, so does that put Morgan at risk? Try as he might, Glenn lost that title when  he killed men in their sleep. Plus, Morgan’s heart-to-heart with Rick, an effort to bring Rick back to his more humane self, may cue Morgan’s swan song.

Rick’s romantic partners, too, have a lethal track record. Will Michonne share the fate of Glenn’s comic book counterpart (please, NO!)? Would her death heighten Rick’s vigilante evolution, or will it make clear to him that violence begets violence?

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