‘TWD,’ Episode 613: “The Same Boat” Reveals Survivor’s Inner Negan

‘The Walking Dead,’ Episode 613, “The Same Boat” wouldn’t be the first time fans watched Carol play possum. While in captivity Molls tells Carol, “We are all Negan,” and Carol, seemingly confused, pleads, “what does that mean?”

Rick’s behavior during the previous episode is reminiscent of The Governor and  other “The Walking Dead” villains, which seems to answer Carol’s question. In time, survivor’s with something to lose tap into their inner- Negan, their inner- “maniac.”

Watching Maggie drive a blade through an already dying woman’s head, despite her desire to “choose something different,” is further proof that people with everything to lose will unleash holy hell and deem it justice. Granted, Maggie is protecting her unborn child; however, she could have easily knocked her assailant unconscious or tied her up and wait for her to change. She chose brutality.

Now Maggie joins her husband, the fallen moral compass, in exacting offensive acts of fatal violence. Carol and Maggie continue the unfathomable blood bath when Paula’s backup arrives.

After the pair slaughters their captors, they lure Saviors into a room filled with gasoline. The women stand in horror of their deed as the men die in flames. Did Maggie and Carol have to incinerate their foe, or could they have made a run for it? After all, Rick and company are in tow.

The brutality takes its toll. Once reunited with Rick and the others, Carol tells Daryl that she isn’t okay and Maggie tells Glenn that “she can’t anymore.” Both women sacrificed another piece of their humanity for what they perceive as the greater good. Which is in the spirit of Negan. Indeed, they all have a hint of Negan in them.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between Carol’s crisis of conscious and her ruse of vulnerability. When she confides in Maggie that she thinks she killed 18 people, her genuine vulnerability bubbles to the surface.

Will Carol now adopt Morgan’s pacifist sensibility? When Carol is about to kill Paula, Paula asks her what she was afraid of earlier. Carol was afraid of the prospect of the circumstances degrading to the moment that now confronted her and Paula.

Another lingering question concerns Maggie. As she battled ‘Chelle, ‘Chelle seemed to knee and cut Maggie’s abdomen. How will this effect Maggie’s pregnancy? Between the stress, poor diet, and physical violence, will Maggie be able to carry this baby to term? Will she still “choose something different” after this most recent encounter?

At the conclusion of the episode, Primo tells Rick that he’s Negan. Without question or negotiation, Rick puts a bullet in his head as Carol watches silently, gripping her sharpened rosary, drawing her own blood.

Will Carol tell Rick that Negan still lurks? Or will she keep the truth to herself in an effort to spare herself and the group additional bloodshed?

One thing is clear, there are few damsels in the post-zombie apocalypse. The women in both the Saviors and Rick’s group are fierce and wait for no man to save them.

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