The Walking Dead fans find Rick and his group keeping up appearances in Alexandria during “Remember.” With over a year’s worth of horror,should the group forget its past and embrace the future? According to Carl and Carol, forgetting makes a person soft- and being soft is a death sentence.

Newly appointed, clean shaven Constable Rick Grimes assures Carol that their group is well beyond that- they don’t know how to be weak.

The episode ends with Rick laying claim to Alexandria- if the current community leaders can’t keep it safe, he will take it. Will Rick inadvertently sabotage a good thing? Will Michonne, also named constable, keep Rick in check to protect this new opportunity?

Deanna, a former Congresswoman, runs Alexandria and her son, Aiden, leads supply runs. Interestingly enough, Deanna does not exist in the Walking Dead comic world.

AMC replaced Douglas, also a former Congressmen, with a female counterpart. The Walking Dead continues to present audiences with strong female characters in position of leadership, more so than any wildly popular series.

Does Deanna realize the precarious grip she has on Alexandria now that the Grimes gang is in town?

If Aiden is any indication of how well things are run, Grimes and his crew will bring Alexandria some much needed sense and strength.

Aiden barks orders at Glenn, the king of supply runs, to assert his authority and status, proving he’s little more than a silly child. Glenn challenges this hack’s judgement and punctuates his point with a fist to to the face. An act Deanna received with gratitude. Is her thanks sincere?

Will the group fit in with the citizens of the Alexandria Safe Zone, or is it to feral to be tamed? Will the people of Alexandria protest the Grimes Gang’s admittance to the Safe Zone, pushing Rick to make good on his promise to take it?

Or will Deanna realize her ineptitude in a vicious post-apocalyptic world and graciously hand the reigns to Rick? She did, after all, thank Glenn for punching Aiden.

One thing’s for sure, Carol is a clever woman- she is putting on the performance of a lifetime. When it is her turn to complete her video recording interview with Deanna, she presents herself as a mousy homebody who misses her silly dead husband.

The Walking Dead fans know Carol may have started the series vulnerable, but she’s the toughest most calculating member or the Grimes Gang…”just look at the flowers…”

In  a moment of levity, Daryl tells Carol she “looks ridiculous” in her JCPenney schoolhouse get-up. Does Carol feel compelled to keep up appearances to disarm the Alexandrians or to secure her group’s place in their new community?

The safety of Alexandria is in question, despite its strong gates. Rick, who surrendered his firearms, returns to a run down house where he stashed a gun. Low and behold- the gun is gone! This sequence warrants two questions 1) did Rick surrender his firearms because he was banking on the back-up gun? 2) Who took the gun?!

What do you think is in store for the Grimes gang in Alexandria? You can leave your predictions in the comment section.