‘TWD’ S5 Man’s Best Friend Aids Survival & Group Makes a New Friend

The Walking Dead once again proves desperate times call for desperate measures. Rick’s group deteriorates emotionally and physically, so when unexpected relief arrives its best if they “don’t think,” and “just eat,” even if it contradicts the norms of civilized society. Survival is all that matters.

The circumstances, though less macabre, are not too far from those that drove Gareth and his Termites to cannibalism. Is the crazy  man with face tattoos from the Terminus train car right? Is Rick’s group the same as his depraved band of pillagers?


Granted, Rick and his group dine on crazed dogs, but how much better than cannibalism is this act of survival? It was not so long ago in The Walking Dead that these dogs were domesticated pets, man’s best friend.

There are people in the TWD world who will do much worse to survive, and it seems they are gaining on Rick and his group.

A blond, barefoot, bound, and gagged walker writhes in a trunk. Clearly, this woman was kidnapped. Maggie and Glenn are too distraught to ask themselves a very important question. What kind of person ties up  a woman and leaves her in the trunk for dead (or undead)?

The question (and the answer to that question) seem pertinent when a mysterious note and water are left for Rick and the group by “A Friend.” The ever vigilant group refuses the gift, but not lightly. Abraham had to swat a bottle of water from Eugene’s dehydrated hands.

Would you have the willpower to refuse water? Clearly they’re determined to survive– they just forced themselves to eat dog!

Their caution is rewarded with rainfall- a sure sign of hope and renewal. Once the storm clears Maggie, Daryl, and Sasha share their grief and it’s clear the time for healing has begun.

As the women leave the shelter, they see that fallen trees pinned walkers to the ground- another miracle. Had the trees not fallen, surely Maggie’s nightmare (a horde descends on the barn in the stormy night) would have come true.

Sasha and Maggie share a sunset and a laugh, then another miracle happens…

Readers of The Walking Dead know Aaron. Aaron is a good guy who brings good things to Rick and the rest of the group, including a safe haven.

It isn’t uncommon, though, for the show to depart from the comic. Will Aaron lead the group to the promised land or to certain death? The timing of his arrival, sunrise after a cleansing rain and the music box revival, indicate he comes in peace.

Aaron’s arrival, though, lays the groundwork for The Walking Dead’s most horrific villain…say it with me fans, NEGAN!!!

Could Negan and his Saviors be behind the bound and gagged walker? There were some tell tale signs of his eminent arrival in last week’s episode.

In the comics, Negan kills Glenn with Lucille, his barbed wire baseball bat. Glen grabbing a baseball bat last week may be a nod and wink to that troubling story arc.

The trail of walker body parts and the van full of armless torsos along with Noah’s bludgeoned mother are also hallmarks of Negan’s vicious wrath.

There is also the matter of the graffiti that was sprawled across the wall of Noah’s former homestead, “Wolves Not Far.” Is that a message from the Saviors or a warning left by Aaron? Or could it be a warning left by Morgan?

What do you think is on the horizon for Rick and the rest of the group? You can leave your predictions and insight in the comment section.

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