‘TWD’ Season 5 Finale wasted no time revealing the Wolves. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolves? Not Morgan.During his close encounter with one of the Wolves, the pack member shares that the Wolves set traps.


Armed with nothing but sharp senses and a big stick, Morgan takes down two of the Wolves, places them in a car, and nabs a rabbit’s foot that is dangling from the rear view mirror. Daryl and Aaron could use some of that luck!

Daryl and Aaron, who are tracking a mysterious person in a red poncho, fall prey to one of the wolf traps. Just before the two are cornered by a herd of walkers, Aaron tells Daryl that he exiled three Alexandrians, leaving them with no weapons and a days worth of supplies. It’s logical to conclude, then, that the exiles forged the Wolves.

In Volume 13, “Too Far Gone,” Alexandria is accosted by a small gang of ne’er do wells. The leader of the gang quotes the ‘Three Little Pigs’ as he tries to bully his way through the gates. Suddenly Wolves is an appropriate name.

They are not, though, associated with the much anticipated big bad Negan and his Saviors. AMC may have introduced the Wolves to parallel this short-term threat and to reinforce the idea that no place is safe for long.

In the comic, the gunfire from this attack draws a herd of walkers that ultimately compromises the Alexandria Safe Zone’s walls and horror ensues, but audiences will have to wait a bit longer for Negan’s brand of brutality. Enough about the comic for now- back to AMC.

The two troubled scouts find a note in the car while they are waiting out the herd, warning them not to wait because bad people are coming. Sure enough, as Daryl and Aaron resolve to fight their way out of the mess, Morgan comes in for the assist and then shares with them his map with Rick’s name scribbled on it. How serendipitous!

Michonne’s ominous wisdom, “something’s going to happen,” juxtaposed with multiple conflicts (Glenn’s encounter with Nick, Gabriel’s gate negligence, and Deanna’s town hall meeting) brings palpable tension to the ‘TWD’ Season 5 Finale.

Opposing forces ultimately coalesce: Sasha and Gabe fight and then forgive themselves and each other; Glenn spares Nick’s life; and Rick redeems himself to Deanna.

In a sequence pulled directly from ‘The Walking Dead’ Volume 13 “Too Far Gone,” Deanna realizes Rick’s methods are justified. Pete, in a drunken rage, kills Deanna’s husband. Just as her comic counterpart, Douglas, did Deanna tells Rick to “Do it.”

Without flinching, Rick pulls the trigger. So long Pete and hello Morgan. Morgan stands in disbelief when he sees Rick standing over Pete’s body, gun in hand.

This is an inopportune time for Rick and Morgan’s reunion. Rick’s kill or be killed mantra does not gel with Morgan’s “All life is precious,” philosophy. What will happen between Rick and Morgan? Was Deanna right? On one hand, they could contain or exile Pete; on the other hand, exiles form external threats like the Wolf Pack. Perhaps Rick and Deanna are not so different after all.

Will Pete’s execution create a rift in the Safe Zone? Will there be a coup against Deanna or Rick?

As the finale comes to a close, Michonne takes her iconic katana from the wall and arms herself, proving that safety is fleeting. The temporary nature of Alexandria’s peace is reiterated with a reappearance of the Wolves. Unlike Deanna, Morgan spared the men who will most likely tear down the Alexandria Safe Zone. Was he right to let them live?

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