TWD Season 6: 90-Minute Premiere, Talking Dead Special & More

AMC has announced the premiere date and time for season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’, along with other cool, can’t-miss specials & marathon information.

The season 6 premiere of TWD will air on Sunday, October 11, at 9 P.M. (EST) and it will be an extended 90-minute episode.

The show will be followed immediately by fan favorite ‘Talking Dead’, with Chris Hardwick at 10:30 P.M. (EST)- no word yet on who will be appearing with Chris.

Once again, this season will be split into 2 parts, with the 1st eight episodes to air starting in October and the final eight set to air starting in February of 2016.

In addition, on Sunday, August 23rd at 8 P.M. (EST) there will be a ‘Talking Dead’ Season 6 Preview Special; ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will debut immediately following the special at 9 P.M. (EST).

Hosted by Hardwick, fans will get an early look at season 6 of TWD, along with exclusive interviews with cast members and executive producers and behind-the-scenes moments.

Finally, fans who want to relive the first 5 seasons, or need to catch up, can watch AMC’s “5 Sundays/5 Seasons” Marathon.

Each Sunday, for 5 weeks, AMC will air a single season of the show, beginning Sunday, July 26 at 2:30 P.M. (EST), through Sunday, August 23.

Are you excited about the 90-minute premiere?  Will you be watching the marathons?

Tell us what you most want to see in season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’ and follow all my latest TV and streaming reports on Twitter!

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