‘TWD’ Season 6, Ep. 11 “Knots Untie” Hints At Negan’s Next Victim

Jesus leads Rick and his crew to the Hilltop and it isn’t long before Rick is covered in another man’s blood. One knot that never seems to untie is the one in my stomach, growing tighter each episode of ‘TWD.’

Rick’s wish to expand his community with more people is about to come true. Early in the episode, Jesus informs Rick and the main group that he trades goods with multiple communities. Indeed, the group’s world is about to grow, but will it be more than Rick bargained for?

‘TWD’ so often lulls its characters into a sense of near euphoria while its audience members wait for the other shoe to drop. By now, it seems the Grimes gang should recognize bliss is counterintuitive.

After all, every time the group gains ground or begins to put down roots, the stakes grow higher. With Alexandria secure and the Hilltop on the horizon, will Rick and his group, once again, fly too close to the sun?

Building and growth are the two driving forces of Season 6. But not everyone is as optimistic as Rick and Jesus.

Frightened that her tomato plants won’t grow, Glenn reassures Maggie that their harvest will thrive. This simple phrase subtlely alludes to the life growing inside her. Optimism is strong with Glenn who shares with a skeptical Abraham, while on route to the Hilltop, that he and Maggie are trying to “build something.”

Before the warm fuzzies win, the travelers happen upon a car wreck. All but one scene is relatively unremarkable in the short-lived rescue sequence. As Rick and his group move through the hallways, Glenn and Daryl pair up.

The back half of Season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’ will likely climax with Negan’s debut, during which Lucille makes the acquaintance of one unlucky group member’s brains. In ‘The Walking Dead’ comics, Glenn’s journey ends in gore; however, it’s not unlike the television series to depart from Kirkman’s comic arcs.

Could the Glenn, Daryl pairing be a subtle nod to a change in the heartbreaking introduction to the Grimes versus Negan arc?

On the other hand, much attention has been paid to Maggie and Glenn’s unborn child. Deanna and Rick have been grooming her to lead more actively. She surely rises to the challenge during her tete-a-tete with Greggory, parrying his advances and otherwise unsavory negotiating tactics.

Should Maggie, Glenn’s foundation who nurtures new life and with it hope for a new world, replace Glenn in this terrifying villain introduction the overwhelming, sometimes romantic optimism will come to a screeching halt.

The group quickly learns that things on the Hilltop are complicated. Jesus explains Negan killed one of the Hilltop’s residents, a 16-year-old boy in a show of dominance. This shows Negan has no problem killing children, so even Maggie and her unborn child are vulnerable to his brutality. Now, Negan extorts the Hilltop and his demands keep growing.

Daryl, Rick, and Maggie use this looming threat as leverage. In exchange for half of Greggory’s goods, Rick and his cohorts promise to cull the saviors.

As the crew heads back to Alexandria, they happily pass Maggie’s sonogram picture around the group. The group has a tenuous hold on hope as it prepares to confront its most malicious foe, yet.

With the emphasis on Maggie as a mother and leader, she may be inclined to negotiate with Negan during their much-anticipated roadside encounter, which won’t bode well for her. After all, when Sasha spoke up during her encounter with the Saviors, it nearly killed her. Thank goodness Daryl had a rocket launcher on hand!

Did Rick and his group bite off more than they can chew in taking on Negan? They’ve always been defensive, battling the likes of The Governor and Terminus, but this time, Rick is the hunter. Does this turn imply the risk is not worth the reward?

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