TWD Season 6, Ep.11 Spoilers: Daryl, Negan & A Baby [Video]

TWD fans who are still smiling from Sunday’s fun-filled and kill-free episode may want to buckle up because that’s all about to change in episode 11.

The Spoiling Dead has released some spoilers for episode 11, “Knots Untie”, via their Facebook Page and since they are the most reliable source for anything and everything TWD related it’s safe to say this is a pretty accurate preview of what to expect.

They also have a sneak peak and promo video of the episode, which you can see below.

*Warning- this article contains major spoilers so stop reading if you don’t want to know or are not caught up with the new episodes*

So what should you expect to see?  Here are the highlights:

-There is no Richonne “action” this week, but the 2 do hold hands and Rick talks to Carl about the relationship; Carl gives them the okay.

-Jesus reveals his intentions.

While Jesus is a well-known figure in the comics many viewers are still on the fence about him being a good guy.

Well, rest easy because it looks like the show will stick with the comics on this one, as Jesus will prove to be one of the good guys.

I for one, am glad, because he brings a nice bit of comic relief- something we will all need the closer it gets to Negan’s arrival.

He will take Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl and Abraham to see the Hilltop community, in the hopes his people and Alexandria can begin to establish a relationship and trade supplies.

Along the way they encounter an overturned car that Jesus says belongs to his group;  despite Rick’s concerns it might be a trap the group goes over and ends up saving 4 people from Hilltop.

Upon arriving at Hilltop they are introduced to the community’s leader, Gregory, who may be a good guy, but is obnoxious as hell.

He doesn’t want to trade, despite what Rick and co. just did, leaving Rick fuming.  Rick asks Maggie to step in and reason with him, most likely paving the way for her to become Hilltop’s eventual leader, just like the comics.

While the group’s at Hilltop another group arrives from the community, beaten and missing members.

One of the men tell’s Gregory the others were killed by Negan and they have a message from the Saviors, which is really an order to kill Gregory as Ethan then stabs him.

Rick jumps in and kills Ethan, but Abraham is almost choked to death in the process.

Jesus then explains who Negan and the Saviors are, which doesn’t seem to impress Daryl.

He tells Jesus about his encounter with Negan’s group and calls Negan a “bluffer” that Alexandria can more than handle.

Could this be a set-up for Daryl meeting his demise ala Lucille?

-Does Daryl have a death wish?

Many are worried but based on the latest info i’ll say no.

Spoilers for episode 15 indicate that Dwight, aka the guy who stole Daryl’s bow and arrow (you forgot about him, didn’t you?), shoots Daryl in the back.

Okay, that doesn’t sound good, but it’s probably not fatal as I suspect when Daryl goes it will be a much bigger scene than that.

-Maggie steps up.

Maggie then bargains with an injured Gregory, offering to take care of the Saviors in exchange for half their resources (once again taking charge)- and the use of their sonogram machine so she and Glenn can see their baby.

Hmmm, not so obnoxious now Gregory, are you?

The episode ends with the group looking at Glenn and Maggie’s sonogram.

Nice way to end the episode, but personally, the more they mention the baby the more worried I get.

Adding another baby to the mix doesn’t seem smart, or like something Gimple and co. would want to do, which makes me worry this isn’t going to end well.

What do you think about the latest spoilers?

What do you think will happen in episode 11 of The Walking Dead?

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