TWD Season 6 Finale Preview & Spoilers: Morgan Kills For Carol [Video]

Fans of “The Walking Dead” have lots of questions following last night’s episode, the biggest being: what is going to happen next week??

Well, I can’t say for sure, but based on a combination of comics knowledge, show clues and some reliable finale spoiler information, I have a few theories- which I’m going to share with all of you.

You can also catch the 2 trailers for the final show below.

*Warning: SPOILERS Ahead-Stop reading if you are not caught up or don’t want to know what may happen*

Last night’s episode, titled East, may not have been the best in terms of plot, but it did exactly what it was supposed to do: set the stage for what promises to be a monumental finale that will have several characters- and fans, in tears.

After weeks of watching what has been up to now, a smart and capable group make rash, bad decisions, the time has come to find out the consequences of all those ill-advised moves.

And while I don’t like or agree with some of the plot points (more on that in a minute), it doesn’t change the fact of what is about to happen.

First and foremost, let me make this clear: Negan, and his barbed-wire bat named Lucille are coming and someone is going to die this  Sunday.

Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to face this reality. The Negan and Lucille scene is an iconic one in the comics and while the show does not follow the comics exactly, it does replicate the big arcs/scenes, so this is happening.

Also, as I said earlier, Rick and co. have done some foolish, risky things this season that at times have felt out of character and there is only one reason for that: to set up the showdown with Negan.

Negan is bad on a whole other level from the Governor or Terminus, and to maximize the devastation of the brutal act he commits the powers-that-be want as many characters in the line of fire as possible.

Which explains why Carol, Daryl, Morgan, Glen, Michonne, Rosita and Sasha would choose to go off (for different reasons) knowing the Saviors and Negan are coming for them.

While it felt contrived, it did get them all out in the open, ready to be rounded up and brought to the big, bad wolf.

I get Daryl wanting vengeance for Denise, but he is smarter than that.

As for Carol, it makes sense she would be grappling with her conscience, but her leaving felt out of place and forced more by plot than character.

It also explains Rick’s decision to throw all rational thought out the window and go after Negan without taking the time to investigate where his place is, how many people he has or anything else that might have given him a clue that this wasn’t going to be simple and easy.

Ok, so now that I got that out of the way, let’s look at what we can expect for the finale:

    1.Morgan Kills For Carol
    It looks like Morgan is going to break his vow not to kill to save Carol, who may not want to be saved.

According to several reliable sources, Carol may or may not have gotten hurt during her initial roadside scuffle with those 5 Saviors, but she does when the one guy that survived finds her and shoots her.

What is even more interesting is that Carol doesn’t try to defend herself this time, choosing to join her daughter in death instead and that Morgan steps in to save her.

This jibes with pictures that were circulating a few weeks back, courtesy of The Spoiling Dead Fans, which showed Carol( in the jacket from last night), along with Morgan and the unnamed Savior (you can see the pic below).

It also makes sense.

It has been obvious for quite some time that  Morgan’s “all life is precious” theory would be put to the ultimate test.

Couple that with Rick giving him a gun last night, and it seems a foregone conclusion that Morgan will use it to save Carol- the one person I think he would kill for.

I also think Carol and/or Morgan may end up in another community due to some clues from last night and a sneak peek of the finale.

During the episode Morgan and Rick encounter a man looking for a horse.

Comic readers know that man is Ezekiel, leader of the Kingdom, another community that works with Gregory and the Hilltop (and despises Negan).

Now, in a preview for the finale, Morgan is seen in a field approaching the missing horse- and there is also a shot of the ground showing what appears to be a tiger’s paw print.

Ezekiel has a pet tiger- so one or both of them may end up in his camp.

2.  Daryl is Alive, But May Not Survive

So as we all saw, Daryl was shot at the end of the episode by Dwight, the only man on TV who gets his nuts almost ripped off and is still walking around A-okay.

The shot was so unexpected and quick that at first glance it looked like Daryl was shot in the head (and sending fans into a panic).

However, when you go back and look in slow-motion you can clearly see he was shot in the shoulder.

So this is not a death shot, although it is a cheap one by the producers- did they not learn from the whole Glen debacle?

That being said, it would be slick to make the audience think Daryl is okay, only to have him die at the end from Negan.

On top of that, Norman Reedus is the guest on next week’s “Talking Dead” and we all know when a character dies they end up on the couch.

However, I think if he was going to die they would NOT announce his appearance on TD and tip their hand.

Unless of course, they are being extra sneaky, thinking fans wouldn’t expect it because they announced it (confusing, but makes sense).

Although Daryl dying would be huge, I don’t think it’s him.

3. Maggie May Lose Glen Even if He Doesn’t Die

If Gimple and co. decide to switch things up and spare Glen, Maggie might still lose him.

In the comics, after Negan kills Glen Maggie leaves for Hilltop and eventually takes over as leader.

We got a hint of this, I believe, when Rick and co. went to negotiate with Gregory and Rick had Maggie take the lead and deal with him.

She more than held her own and proved she is a capable leader, but I don’t see that happening if Glen survives.

To start, if Glen is alive he is not going to just up and leave Rick and the group.  He is a loyal person and will fight Maggie on it.

Secondly (and more importantly), Glen is not going to want Maggie leadingpeople.  Leaders are at risk and considering the showdown with Negan, the last thing he will want is her front and center, making her a target.

In the comics, Glen and Maggie break up and reunite right before Negan kills him, so they may spare him and then break them up, paving the way for her to go.

4. Maggie Loses The Baby

Even though I hate this theory, I think it makes the most sense.

I don’t think the powers-that-be want yet another baby to juggle in the story-lines, they have enough of a hard time keeping Judith safe.

I think those pains Maggie had at the end of the show are the beginning of a miscarriage.

5. We May Not Get The Ending We Think

I still believe one of the core characters (an original) will die from Negan, but there is a chance the producers will wimp out.

As much as the showrunners claim no one is safe, I think some characters are, to a large extent, so they may not kill off one of the Atlanta originals.

Some are speculating Aaron, who has grown close to Maggie, will step in to save Glen, or that Abe, who is dead in the comics, will be the one to go.

There is also talk that Michonne may go, especially now that she and Rick have gotten together, which kinda makes sense.

She feels like an original and her relationship with Carl and Judith, after all she lost, has been a bright spot and beacon of hope.

Plus, it seems love leads to death on TWD, making her a real possibility now that her and Rick are happy.

This can play out lots of ways, but as I’ve said in the past, Glen makes the most sense.

We’ll find out if I’m right in 6 more days.

The season finale of “The Walking Dead” airs Sunday, April 3rd at 9 P.M. EST and will run 90-minutes.

Be sure to check out a previews of the finale and post a comment below.

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