TWD Season 6 Spoilers: A Kiss & A Prayer For Carol & Abraham

It’s been relatively peaceful for Rick Grimes and Co. (well, except for the whole Rick wearing Nathan’s blood incident), but all that’s about to change tomorrow night when episode 12, ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’, airs.

According to The Spoiling Dead fans, who are accurate 99.99999% of the time, fans can expect to see Carol smooching, Abraham in a heap of trouble and Morgan and Rick once again on opposite sides when it comes to Negan.

*Warning- Spoilers Ahead*

A post on The Spoiling Dead’s Facebook page, featuring a Q & A session about episode 12, revealed plenty of plot points that proves there’s no happily ever after in the world of The Walking Dead.

To start, it seems that Abraham may have as many lives as Glenn.  After almost being choked to death last week, this week he is stabbed by one of the Saviors during a run-in.

Word is he survives, but there are no specifics on where he is sliced and how bad it is.

Another spoiler involves Carol, who appears to be showing a lot more love this episode- the only question is: to who?

Word is she will share a kiss with someone, but they are not saying if it is  romantic, friendly or the kiss of death (watch out Morgan!).

Carol kissing anyone, even just a peck on the cheek, is a bit odd, so it will be interesting to see who it is and why.

I know fans are hoping it will be her and Daryl (I do too), but unless one of them is going to be Negan’s victim I don’t see it happening yet.

Plot-wise they are not there yet; plus, she has a strange but captivating love/hate dynamic going with Morgan that the writers seem to be focusing on.

Based on the promos I’ve seen, I think it’s Maggie she gives a motherly kiss to.

Maggie follows Carol while she is scouting out the Saviors camp and the two end up in a bit of trouble, so my guess is it will happen somewhere along there.

Finally, getting back to Morgan, it appears he still believes in his peace-at-all-costs philosophy,  putting him at odds with not just Carol, but Rick and the rest of the group as well.

Rick’s plan to attack first and talk later is opposed by Morgan, but no one listens.

Normally, I’m against any Morgan plan, but based on what is probably going to happen, this is one time he might be right.

Who do you think Carol will kiss on TWD this Sunday?

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Episode 12, ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’, airs Sunday night at 9 P.M. EST on AMC and will be streaming and on demand starting Monday, courtesy of AMC.

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