Hopefully, when/if Glenn comes back on ‘The Walking Dead’ he will explain everything that’s going on, because last night’s episode left a LOT of unanswered questions.

Episode 5 of TWD, titled “Now” was exactly that- it was all about NOW, the present moment, leaving lots of important details and information from previous episodes out.

Don’t get me wrong- it was a great episode- I was really glad to see Rick talking and acting like a rational human being.

He even tried to rally a grieving Deanna and convince her to keep leading Alexandria.

All that was great, except… HOW did Rick get there??

Last we saw, he was trapped in an RV that wouldn’t start (after having shot several wolves) with tons of walkers approaching.

I get it: he’s Rick Grimes, he gets out of thangs, but I think the writers dropped the ball not showing how.

And that’s just the beginning of what was missing in this episode.

Where was Carol?

Napping with Judith?  Baking more casseroles?

I found it strange that Rick is trying to rally the Alexandrians and giving speeches while Carol is nowhere to be seen.

Carol is integral to all that is happening and has made inroads with all the Alexandrians, so it was odd to say the least that she was nowhere to be seen.

Which leads me to Jessie finding Betsy as a walker in her house while the others look on in horror.

First of all, let me say that several viewers had no idea that was Betsy who had been turned, they though it was some non-descript Alexandrian.

2nd of all, wouldn’t it have made more sense (and alerted viewers that it was Betsy) to have Michonne to find her?

After watching Michonne try to save Betsy’s husband and refuse to take the note he had written in case he didn’t make it back in episode 3 it would have been much more emotional to have Michonne discover her.

At the very least, they should have zoomed in on Michonne when Jessie killed her…

And finally, we still don’t know what happened to Glenn.

honestly, this whole is he alive or not routine is starting to feel gimmicky.

It’s a ploy shows that NEED rating use- not TWD.

I just hope the answer is worth all of this.

What do you think happened to Glenn?  What did you think of episode 5 of “The Walking Dead’?

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