TWD Season6 Mid-Season Premiere Spoilers & News: Not Everyone Survives

The season 6 mid-season premiere of “The Wlaking Dead” is a little over a week away and according to star Norman Reedus fans should prepare themselves because not everyone survives.

*Warning-Spoilers Ahead*

In an interview for AMC the fan favorite has this to say about the mid-season premiere: “we don’t all survive and we don’t all take it very well.”

Who he’s referring to is anyone’s guess, but I think it’s safe to say that might be a reference to what is about to happen with Jessie and Ron/Sam.

If the story goes according to the comics, I don’t think Rick is going to be very happy seeing Jessie become zombie food or Carl losing an eye.

I don’t think we lose any of the core members of the group- yet.  I think that comes at the end of the season when Negan appears.

Speaking of which, fans might want to start a petition foe Glenn.

Speaking with TV Line, TWD creator Robert kirkman gave fans reason to fear for Glenn when Negan does show up, saying: “it’d be disingenuous of me to say, from a viewer’s point of view, that I wouldn’t be afraid [for Glenn]. But what am I holding out hope for?” Maybe a reprieve by way of one of the “hard left turns from the comic story.”

Kirkman also hinted that as with the comics, Maggie is going to be a “force t be reckoned with”, stepping up in Deanna’s demise- and perhaps Glen’s?

Could very well be, because while showrunner Scott M. Gimple does like to throw viewers curve balls, he does go by the comics for many of the big story arcs and Negan and Lucille is a pivotal part of this next chapter.

On a positive note, fans should be excited to see the additions of Xander Berkeley as Hilltop leader Gregory, Tom Payne as good guy Jesus and Alicia Witt in a mystery role that AMC has not announced yet.

The season 6 mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead ” premieres Sunday, February 14 at 9 P.M. EST on AMC.

What are your predictions for the mid-season premiere?

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